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Api Rest

Api Rest


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Chapter REST API


API Compatible Editions and Development Environments

REST Resources and Requests

REST API Architecture

Compression Headers
Conditional Request Headers

Send REST Requests with cURL

Authorization Through Connected Apps and OAuth

Configure Salesforce CORS Allowlist

Valid Date and DateTime Formats

API EndofLife

Chapter Quick Start
Quick Start Prerequisites
Step One Set Up Authorization
Step Two Walk Through the Sample Code
Using Other Tools
Chapter Examples
Getting Information About My Organization

List Available REST API Versions

List Organization Limits

List Available REST Resources

Get a List of Objects
Get a List of Objects If Metadata Has Changed
Working with Object Metadata
Retrieve Metadata for an Object
Get Field and Other Metadata for an Object
Get Object Metadata Changes
Working with Records
Create a Record
Update a Record
Delete a Record
Get Field Values from a Standard Object Record

Get Field Values from an External Object Record by Using the Salesforce ID


Retrieve a Record Using an External ID

Insert or Update Upsert a Record Using an External ID

Traverse Relationships with Friendly URLs
Get a List of Deleted Records Within a Given Timeframe
Get a List of Updated Records Within a Given Timeframe
Delete Lightning Experience Event Series
Working with Searches and Queries

Execute a SOQL Query

Execute a SOQL Query that Includes Deleted Items

Get Feedback on Query Performance
Search for a String
Get the Default Search Scope and Order
Get Search Result Layouts for Objects
View Relevant Items
Get an Image from a Rich Text Area Field
Insert or Update Blob Data
Retrieve Blob Data
Working with Recently Viewed Information
View Recently Viewed Records
Mark Records as Recently Viewed
Managing User Passwords
Manage User Passwords
Working with Approval Processes and Process Rules
Get a List of All Approval Processes
Submit a Record for Approval
Approve a Record
Reject a Record
Bulk Approvals
Get a List of Process Rules
Get a Particular Process Rule
Trigger Process Rules
Using Event Monitoring

Describe Event Monitoring Using REST

Query Event Monitoring Data with REST

Get Event Monitoring Content from a Record

Download Large Event Log Files Using cURL with REST

Delete Event Monitoring Data
Query or View Hourly Event Log Files
Using Composite Resources

Execute Dependent Requests in a Single API Call

Update an Account Create a Contact and Link Them with a Junction Object
Update a Record and Get Its Field Values in a Single Request
Upsert an Account and Create a Contact
Create Nested Records
Create Multiple Records
Using a Composite Graph

Chapter Generating an OpenAPI Specification for sObjects REST API Beta

Chapter Reference
Resources by Version
Describe Global
sObject Basic Information
sObject Describe
sObject Get Deleted
sObject Get Updated
sObject Named Layouts
sObject Rows

sObject Rows by External ID

sObject Blob Retrieve
sObject ApprovalLayouts
sObject CompactLayouts
sObject Describe Layouts
sObject PlatformAction
sObject Quick Actions
sObject Rich Text Image Retrieve
sObject Relationships
sObject Suggested Articles
sObject User Password
Platform Event Schema by Event Name

Platform Event Schema by Schema ID

Compact Layouts

Use the Consent API with Salesforce CDP

Consent Write
Embedded Service Configuration Describe
Invocable Actions
Standard Invocable Actions
Custom Invocable Actions
List View Describe
List View Results
List Views

Support Knowledge with REST API

Data Category Groups
Data Category Detail
Articles List
Articles Details
Parameterized Search
Process Approvals
Process Rules
Product Schedules

Salesforce CDP Query Profile Parameters

Quick Actions
Recent List Views
Recently Viewed Items
Record Count
Record Count Response Body
sObject Relevant Items
Retrieve Knowledge Language Settings
Search Scope and Order
Search Result Layouts
Lightning Toggle Metrics
Lightning Usage by App Type
Lightning Usage by Browser
Lightning Usage by Page
Lightning Usage by FlexiPage
Lightning Exit by Page Metrics
Salesforce Scheduler Resources
Get Appointment Slots
Get Appointment Candidates
Request Bodies
Response Bodies
Search for Records Suggested by Autocomplete and Instant Results
Search Suggested Article Title Matches
Search Suggested Queries
Salesforce Surveys Translation Resources
Add or Change the Translation of a Survey Field
Delete the Translated Value of a Survey Field
Delete the Translated Value of Multiple Survey Fields in One or More Languages
Get Translated Value of a Survey Field
Get the Translated Values of Multiple Survey Fields in One or More Languages
Composite Resources
Composite Graphs
Composite Batch
sObject Tree
sObject Collections
Assignment Rule Header
Call Options Header
Duplicate Rule Header
Limit Info Header
Package Version Header
Query Options Header
Warning Header
Status Codes and Error Responses