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Api Social

Api Social


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Chapter Introducing Social Studio REST API

Enable API Applications for your Organization

Authorization Code
Requesting an Access Token Resource Owner Password
Make Requests
Refresh the Access Token
Revoking an Access Token

Chapter Rate Limiting
Response Headers
Chapter Media Retrieval

Chapter Authors
Retrieve Authors
Create Author Tag
Delete Author Tag
Delete Author Tags
Create Comment for Author
Retrieve Comment for Author
Delete Author Comment
Chapter Cases
Retrieve Cases
Update Cases
Chapter Clients
Retrieve Clients
Chapter Users
Retrieve Users
Retrieve User
Create User
Update User
Reset Password
Modify Password
Chapter Workspaces
Retrieve Workspaces
Retrieve Workspace
Create Workspace
Update Workspace
Delete Workspace
Create Workspace Resources
Delete Workspace Resources
Chapter Imported Posts
Retrieve Posts Metrics
Chapter Shared Content
Retrieve Shared Content
Share Unshare Content
Create Shared Content
Archive Unarchive Shared Content
Delete Shared Content
Chapter Short URLs
Retrieve Short URLs

Retrieve Short URL

Create Short URL

Delete Short URL

Chapter Publish Macros
Retrieve Publish Macros
Retrieve Publish Macro
Retrieve Publish Macro Attribute
Create Publish Macro
Delete Publish Macro
Chapter Approval Rules
Retrieve Approval Rules
Retrieve Approval Rule
Create Approval Rule
Update Approval Rule
Delete Approval Rule
Retrieve Approval Rule Criteria
Update Approval Rule Criteria
Retrieve Approvers for a Rule
Update Approvers for a Rule
Chapter Social Properties
Retrieve Properties
Retrieve Property
Chapter Create Topic Profile and Retrieving Posts with Keyword Groups

Chapter Keyword Groups
Retrieve Keyword Groups
Create Keyword Groups
Update Keyword Groups
Chapter Sources and Source Groups
Retrieve Sources
Retrieve Source
Create Source
Update Source
Delete Source
Retrieve Source Groups
Retrieve Source Group
Create Source Group
Update Source Group
Delete Source Group
Chapter Languages
Retrieve Languages
Retrieve Language
Chapter Regions
Retrieve Regions
Retrieve Region
Chapter Media Types
Retrieve Media Types
Retrieve Media Type
Chapter Posts
Retrieve Posts
Chapter Engage Macros
Retrieve Macros
Retrieve Macro
Create Macro
Update Macro
Execute Macro
Delete Macro
Retrieve SalesforceOrgs
Retrieve SalesforceOrg

Chapter Radian API Appendix

Supported Browsers
Supported Editions
Quick Start

Step One Authenticate with the API

Step Two Issue a Call to a Method
Step Three Fetch Data
Using the Services
Post Service
User Service
Insight Service
Topic Service
Data Service
Blog Service
Authentication Service
Lookup Service