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Appexchange Install Guide

Appexchange Install Guide


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Chapter What Is AppExchange
How Does AppExchange Work
Who Can Use AppExchange
Chapter Before Installing a Package
Taking a Test Drive
Verifying Requirements
Determining If the Solution Supports Upgrades
Chapter Unauthorized Managed Packages
Chapter Installing Packages
Chapter App Rollout
Review Best Practices for Use
Chapter After Installing a Package
Manage Installed Packages
Uninstalling a Package

Chapter FAQ

Can I uninstall packages that I installed from AppExchange

Who Can Use AppExchange
Why did my installation or upgrade fail

Can I customize AppExchange packages

Who can use AppExchange packages

How can I upgrade an installed package

How secure are the components I install

What happens to my namespace prefix when I install a package

Can I reinstall an AppExchange package after uninstalling it

tabs and apps in that package count against the limits of my Salesforce Edition
Chapter AppExchange Considerations
Chapter Glossary