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Canvas Framework

Canvas Framework


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Chapter Introducing Canvas
Canvas Scenarios
Where Canvas Apps Appear
Supported Browsers
Supported Salesforce Editions
User Permissions Required
User Interface Considerations
Canvas App Process
Canvas Personal Apps
Canvas Personal App Process
Enabling Canvas Personal Apps within an Organization
Making an App a Canvas Personal App
Uninstalling a Canvas Personal App
Chapter Quick Start
Create the App
Set the App Location
Chapter Quick StartAdvanced
Clone the Project from GitHub
Run the Web App Locally
Create the Canvas App
Configure Who Can Access the Canvas App
Deploy the Web App to Heroku
Update the Canvas App
Package the Canvas App
Upload the Canvas App Package
Install the Canvas App
Configure Who Can Access the Installed Canvas App

Chapter Canvas SDK

Referencing the Canvas SDK

Signed Request Authentication
OAuth Authorization

SAML Single SignOn for Canvas Apps

Getting Context in Your Canvas App

CrossDomain XHR

Getting a List of Chatter Users
Posting to a Chatter Feed
Alternatives to Cookies for User Tracking
Resizing a Canvas App
Automatically Resizing a Canvas App
Explicitly Resizing a Canvas App
Getting the Size of a Canvas App
Subscribing to Parent Events
Handling Orientation Changes in Your Canvas App
Implementing Canvas App Events
Canvas App Events Considerations
Creating a Canvas App Event
Subscribing to a Canvas App Event
Unsubscribing from a Canvas App Event

Using Streaming API in a Canvas App

Using the Streaming API Event

Subscribing to a Streaming API Event

Unsubscribing from a Streaming API Event

Debugging in a Canvas App
Using the select Tag in a Canvas App
Chapter Canvas Apps and Visualforce Pages
Visualforce Page Code Examples
Visualforce Considerations
apexcanvasApp Component
Returning Fields in the Record Object
Using Events between a Visualforce Page and a Canvas App
Publishing a Canvas Event from a Visualforce Page
Resizing a Canvas App in a Visualforce Page
Subscribing to Events
Unsubscribing from Events in a Visualforce Page
Chapter Lightning Component Code Examples
Chapter Canvas Apps in a Page Layout or a Mobile Card
Where Canvas Apps Appear in a Page Layout
Add a Canvas App to a Page Layout
Chapter Canvas Apps in the Publisher
Set Canvas App Location and Create the Action
Create the Action Manually

Canvas SDK Publisher Events

Publisher Context Considerations
Publisher Canvas App Access Considerations
Chapter Canvas Apps in the Chatter Feed
Chatter Feed Context Considerations
Chatter Feed Canvas App Access Considerations
Chapter Canvas in the Salesforce Mobile App
Set Canvas App Location and Add it to the Navigation Menu
Salesforce Mobile App Context Considerations
Salesforce Mobile App Access Considerations
Salesforce Mobile App Custom Icons
Salesforce Mobile App Navigation Methods for Use with Canvas Apps
Chapter Customizing Your App Lifecycle
Creating a CanvasLifecycleHandler
Associating Your CanvasLifecycleHandler with Your App
Filtering CanvasRequest Context Data
Controlling Canvas App Behavior
Presenting User Error Messages
Testing Your CanvasLifecycleHandler Implementation
Distributing Your CanvasLifecycleHandler Class

Chapter Objects
Chapter Canvas Limits