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Set Up and Manage Salesforce Communities
Salesforce Communities Overview
Plan Your Implementation
How Communities Use Lightning
Browser Support for Communities
Access Communities in the Salesforce App
Lightning Communities Limitations
Communities Usage Allocation
Setting Up a Community
Enable Salesforce Communities
Manage Your Community with Community Workspaces
Update OrgWide Community Settings
Community Setup Basics
Customize Login SelfRegistration and Password Management for Your Community
Enable Other Salesforce Features in Communities
Deploy a Community from Sandbox to Production
Community Security and Authentication
Enable Clickjack Protection in Communities
Authenticate Community Users
Encrypt Community Data
Content Security Policy in Lightning Communities
Plan Your Community Design Strategy
Use Visualforce and Salesforce Sites
Override Default Pages in Your Community with Custom Pages
Use a Custom Page for Service Unavailability
Use a Custom Community Home Page
Add Custom Pages That Dont Require Login

Which Community Template Should I Use

The Customer Account Portal Template
The Partner Central Template
The Customer Service Template
The Build Your Own Template
Customer Service Community Setup Checklist
Migrate a Koa or Kokua Template Community to a New Template

Which Components Can I Use with Each Template

Customize Communities with Community Builder
Community Builder Overview
Manage Your Communitys Pages and Their Properties in Community Builder
Share More Salesforce Object Data in Your Community

Track Community Users with Your Google Analytics Tracking ID

Multilingual Communities Overview
Improve Community Performance
Analyze and Improve Community Performance
Community Cloud Content Delivery Network Considerations
Set Up the Community Cloud Content Delivery Network
Improve Community Performance with Browser Caching
Progressive Rendering Overview
Progressive Rendering Guidelines
Prioritize Component Display Order with Progressive Rendering

CMS for Community Cloud Beta

Start Using CMS for Community Cloud

Creating Content
Organizing Content
Add Your Content to Your Community
Connect Your Content Management System to Your Community

Before Using CMS Connect

Create a CMS Connection

Edit a CMS Connection

Connect JSON Content from Your CMS to Your Community

Use Personalized Content in CMS Connect

Change the Load Order of CMS Connections

Lightning Bolt for Salesforce Build Once Then Distribute and Reuse
Create a Lightning Bolt Solution
Export a Customized Lightning Community Template in a Lightning Bolt Solution
Export a Customized Community Theme in a Lightning Bolt Solution
Export a Customized Community Page in a Lightning Bolt Solution
Add Flows to a Lightning Bolt Solution
Export and Packaging Considerations for Lightning Bolt Solutions
Requirements for Distributing Lightning Bolt Solutions
Package and Distribute a Lightning Bolt Solution
Community Management
Community Managers Moderators and Admins Working Together
Measure Community Success with Dashboards
Community Cloud and Marketing Cloud Integration with Journey Builder
Community Journey Data Model
Email Preferences
Triggering Journeys Based on Events
Triggering Journeys Based on Audiences
Determine If an Object Can Trigger Journeys
Sync an Object to the Marketing Cloud
Community Objects for Creating Member Journeys
Insights for Community Engagement
Enable and Map Engagement Insights for Community Managers
Create Your Own Insights for Your Community
Create Custom Actions for Community Insights
View and Customize Engagement Insights for Your Community
Community Moderation Strategies and Tools
Track Community Activity with the Moderation Overview Page
Enable Members to Flag Items in Your Community
Community Moderation Criteria
Community Moderation Rules
Review and Approve Posts and Comments in Your Community
Moderate Flagged Posts and Comments in Your Community
Moderate Flagged Discussions in Your Community
Moderate Flagged Files in Your Community
Moderate Flagged Direct Messages in Your Community
Moderate Flagged Private Messages in Your Community
Set Up Apex Triggers for Flagging Items
Community Pulse
Communities Moderation Limits and Limitations
Organize Communities with Topics
Manage Topics in Communities
Automatically Assign Topics to Articles
Set Up Featured Topics
Set Up Navigational Topics
Set Up Content Topics Beta
See Your Communitys Topics and Subtopics in One Place
Add Topics to Articles or Remove Them
Customize Recommendations in Communities
Create Targeted Audiences for Your Community Recommendations
Recognition Badges
Reputation Overview
Community Reporting
Service Community Scorecard
Set Up Report Management for External UsersCreate and Edit Reports
Track Community Activity with Custom Reports
Communities Report and Dashboard Considerations
Allow External Users to Report on Tasks and Events
Google Analytics for Salesforce Communities Package
Manage Partner Relationships in Communities
Partner CentralBuild Lightning Partner Communities
Create a Partner Community with Partner CentralSetup Tasks
Enable Partner Functionality in Your Org
Migrate from a Partner Portal to a Community
Prep Your Org for a Partner Community
Manage Channel Partnerships
Partner Account Relationships and Account Relationship Data Sharing Rules
Lead Distribution and Deal Registration
Market Development Funds
Reach More Customers with Channel Marketing
Track Performance with Partner Scorecard
Configure Features with Guided Setup
Configure Guided Setup Reports
Manage Customer Relationships with the Community Cloud
Build a Portal with the Customer Account Portal Solution
Create a Customer Account PortalSetup Tasks
Whats Your Customer Account Portal Strategy
Extend Salesforce to Customers with the Correct Licenses
Give Customers Access to Your Knowledge Base Through Help Center
Help Center Setup Tasks
Create a Help Center
Help Center Template Pages
Change from Help Center to a New Template
Educate Your Users About Communities
Switching Between Your Salesforce Org and Your Communities
Share Personal Contact Information Within Communities
Search Behavior in Communities
Manage Your Community Email Notifications
Chatter in Communities
Community Cloud Cookies
Communities Resources