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Data Dot Com Clean Impl Guide

Data Dot Com Clean Impl Guide


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Use Datacom Clean to Keep Your Data Current and Complete
Confirm That Datacom Clean Is Enabled
Configure Page Layouts for Datacom Prospector and Datacom Clean
Set FieldLevel Security for Datacom Clean
Define Your Preferences and Select an Account Matching Service for Datacom Clean
Guidelines for Selecting Datacom Clean Job Preferences
Guidelines for Selecting an Account Matching Service
Customize Salesforce Field Mappings
Considerations for Custom Mapping of Datacom Clean and Salesforce Fields
Set Up Datacom Clean Jobs
Considerations for Scheduling Datacom Clean Jobs
Schedule Datacom Clean Jobs
Schedule a Full Sync of Your Salesforce Account Records with Datacom Clean
Prevent Datacom Clean Jobs from Updating Records
Review Triggers and Workflow Rules for Datacom Compatibility
Configure List Views for Datacom Clean
Determine How Well Datacom Clean Is Working
Report on Records with a Specific Datacom Clean Status