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Chapter Get Started with the Forcecom IDE

Install the Forcecom IDE PlugIn

Quickstart Explore the Forcecom IDE

Offline and Online Modes

Update the Forcecom IDE

Chapter Develop with the Forcecom IDE

Project Basics
Create a Forcecom Project
Project Properties
Add or Remove Metadata Components
Component Properties
Upgrade Project

Apex Code in the Forcecom IDE

Apex Editor
Apex Code Assist
Execute Anonymous View

Lightning Components in the Forcecom IDE

What Is the Lightning Component Framework

Notable Lightning Components Features in the Forcecom IDE

Set Up the Forcecom IDE with Lightning Components Support

Explore Lightning Components in the Forcecom IDE

Server Synchronization
Save to Server
Refresh from Server
Synchronize with Server

Chapter Test Code with the Forcecom IDE

Apex Test Results View
Debug Logs for Apex Test Results

Chapter Deploy Code with the Forcecom IDE

Destination Details
Archive Options
Deployment Plan
Chapter Get Started with the Apex Debugger
Get Started with the Apex Debugger
Set Up the Apex Debugger
Enable the Apex Debugger

Install or Update the Forcecom IDE PlugIn for Eclipse

Set Up a Permission Set
Create a Project
Test Your Debugger Setup
Whitelist Users and Request Types
Explore a Simple Debugging Puzzle
Create Sample Accounts in Your Org
Create an Apex Class
Create a Visualforce Page
Identify a Problem
Debug the Problem
Fix the Problem
Delete Your Sample Accounts
Manage Debugging Sessions
Apex Debugger Limits and Considerations
Apex Debugger Limits
Apex Debugger Considerations
Apex Debugger Troubleshooting
Relaunch Your Debug Configuration
Kill an Orphaned Session
Change Your Session Timeout Preference
Report Drastic Issues to Customer Support

Get Started with the ISV Customer Debugger

Set Up the Apex Debugger
Set Up a Debugging Session
Debug Your Project
Renew a Debugging Session
Delete Your Copy of Your Customers Code

ISV Customer Debugger Limits and Considerations

Chapter Solutions to Common Forcecom IDE Problems

Chapter Forcecom IDE Release Notes

Chapter Useful References
Project Properties
Apex Code Settings Log Category and Log Level
About Packagexml
About Metadata Files
Metadata Types

Troubleshoot the Forcecom IDE Debug Mode

Additional Resources