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Einstein Platform Services

Einstein Platform Services


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Einstein Platform Services
Developer Guide
Version Spring

Last updated November

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Chapter Einstein Platform Services Developer Guide


Einstein Platform Services Developer Guide

Use Einstein Platform Services to seamlessly integrate custom deeplearning models into your CRM

Einstein Vision
Harness the power of image recognition to solve an array of use cases such as visual search brand

detection and product identification Einstein Vision enables you to tap into the power of AI and train

deep learning models to recognize and classify images at scale You can use pretrained classifiers or
train custom classifiers to solve unique use cases
Einstein Image ClassificationTrain deeplearning models to recognize and classify images at scale
Einstein Object DetectionTrain models to recognize and count multiple distinct objects within
an image providing granular details like the size and location of each object

Einstein OCRUse optical character recognition OCR models to detect alphanumeric text in an

Einstein Language
Use the power of natural language processing to connect with your customers in entirely new ways by
discovering insights from unstructured text data
Einstein IntentCategorize unstructured text into userdefined labels to better understand what
users are trying to accomplish
Einstein SentimentClassify the sentiment of text into positive negative and neutral classes to
understand the feeling behind text

Einstein NERUse the namedentity recognition NER model to identify entities in text