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Salesforce Spring

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Understand the Basics
Getting Around
Set Up the MostUsed Features
Going Beyond the Basics
Get Help


Salesforce Essentials lets you see all of your customer information in one place Sell smarter and faster with builtin intelligence and
provide personalized service to every customer Build reports and dashboards to fit your needs so you can dynamically visualize your
companys vital data such as deals won and cases closed
Salesforce helps you manage your relationships with your leads soontobesigned customers happy customers and customers who
reach out to you for help Salesforce Essentials gives your small business the benefits of a massive platform and ecosystem with Salesforce
but with a quick setup and simple customizations
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Understand the Basics
Get to know the foundational features in Salesforce like Accounts Leads and Cases Learn how to import your data into Essentials
Take your data to the next level with custom fields reports and dashboards
Getting Around in Salesforce Essentials
Learn how list views can help your and your team manage your customer information and be more productive Get to know the
utility bar to help your team be more productive
Set Up the MostUsed Features
Get more done in less time by setting up your sales pipeline automatically turning incoming emails and social media posts into
cases utilizing selfservice and adding a phone
Going Beyond the Basics
Give your team more automation and productivity by routing incoming work like cases to the bestfit person for the job Use Chat
and Messaging to provide instant conversation to your customers through web chat and Facebook Messenger Use Macros to
complete multistep tasks with a single click
Get Help
Having some trouble We can help
Essentials Resources
Learn more about Essentials with helpful videos and a guided journey Or hit the trails with our Essentialsfocused modules on

Understand the Basics
Get to know the foundational features in Salesforce like Accounts Leads and Cases Learn how to import your data into Essentials Take
your data to the next level with custom fields reports and dashboards
Salesforce Essentials Glossary
Search for terms and brush up on your Salesforce knowledge with the Essentials glossary
Importing Data into Salesforce Essentials
Learn best practices for importing your customers data into Salesforce You can turn your spreadsheet into Account Contact Lead
and Opportunity records in Salesforce using the Data Import Wizard

What is Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Glossary

Keep Track of All the Details with Accounts
Accounts keep track of contact information and details for any business customer or provider that you work with
Know Exactly Who Youre Talking to with Contacts
Contacts are individual people you communicate with to move a business deal forward If you work with other businesses Contacts
are associated with Accounts or companies youre doing business with
Close More Deals with Leads
Snag a business card or see some new optins for your newsletter Those are leads or customers who are interested in your product
or service
Track Your Open Deals with Opportunities
Opportunities are business deals in progress Track progress by moving each opportunity through a series of business milestones
called stages like Prospecting Proposal Sent Negotiation and Contract Signed The goal is to win the opportunity or move it to
a final stage that represents a successful outcome for your business
Track and Solve Customer Issues
Use cases to track customer feedback and issues In Salesforce all the information you need to solve the issue is right in front of you
with related contact information past cases articles and more Say goodbye to jumping from tab to tab and close cases faster
Get the Details You Need with Custom Fields
Capture all the data thats important to your business by adding custom fields
Keep Tabs on Every Detail with Reports
See how your business is doing make better purchasing decisions and keep tabs on your progress with reports
Track Your Progress with Dashboards
Take a look at how your business is doing in a single glance with dashboards You select the metrics that matter and Salesforce
brings the data to life with graphs charts and more

Salesforce Essentials Glossary
Search for terms and brush up on your Salesforce knowledge with the Essentials glossary

General Terms
Companies that youre doing business with
App Launcher
Where you can find compatible apps for Salesforce including Salesforce standard apps like the Service console and connected apps
like DocuSign and GSuite


A Salesforce collaboration application that lets your users work together talk to each other and share information all in real time

Chatter users can collaborate on sales opportunities service cases campaigns and projects with embedded apps and custom actions
People who work for the accounts For example Adam Smith works at DreamScape Flowers and is the contact for the account

What is Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Glossary

Contact Role
The relationship your company has to a specific contact such as influencer evaluator or decision maker For example Adam Smith
decides what your companys tasks are for his business
Customer Relationship Management

Also known as CRM a technology that allows you to manage relationships with your customers and prospects and track data related

to all your interactions It also helps teams collaborate both internally and externally gather insights from social media track important
metrics and communicate via email phone social and other channels
Custom Field

A field that can be added in addition to the standard fields to customize Salesforce for your organizations needs


A visual representation of data reports shown as charts gauges tables or metrics The components provide a snapshot of key metrics

and performance indicators for your organization Each dashboard can have up to components

A piece of data stored in an object

Lightning App Builder

A pointandclick tool that makes it easy for you to customize your Salesforce apps like the Sales app or the Service Console app

and give your team all the information they need all in one place
Lightning Experience
An intuitive intelligent interface that helps sales and service teams work more naturally and productively
List View
View a filtered list of records such as contacts accounts or custom objects

What is Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Glossary


A type of data that you want to store like a Contact Account or Lead


A display of records that meet certain criteria for your business


A piece of work that needs to be completed with respect to a record

Utility Bar

A fixed footer where you can quickly access common productivity tools such as Notes Quip Phone and even custom tools

Sales Terms
The events and tasks that your sales rep manage in Salesforce

Activity History

A list of records that displays all completed tasks logged phone calls expired events email and any associated records

What is Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Glossary

Track marketing initiatives with campaigns For example Adam Smith can use Campaign to analyze how many leads the company
is generating how much pipeline theyre building and how many deals theyre closing as a result of marketing efforts
Einstein Activity Capture
An artificial intelligence feature that relates each email to a lead contact or opportunity
People and companies that youve identified as potential customers


A feature that tracks your sales and pending deals

What is Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Glossary

Opportunity Stage

A standard field that tracks the status of an opportunity


A comprehensive view of your opportunities no matter what stage theyre in It includes everything from the newest prospect to

that opportunity with pen in hand ready to sign
Salesforce Inbox
Allows you to see your Salesforce data in your email on both your mobile device and your desktop
Sales Stages
Steps you take to sell your product or service

Service Terms
Assignment Rules
Automatically assign incoming cases to specific people on your team so that the right people work on the right cases

What is Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Glossary

Also called a support case customer feedback or issues that need to be addressed
Case Feed

A news feed that shows you and your team everything that is happening with a case The feed also shows you a timeline for a cases

history and contains information to help you and your team resolve the case


A combination of phone email text message social media and more that you use to answer customer questions and comments

Also known as the service console the console is where all Salesforce service features come together On a single screen you can
get a degree view of each customer and where that customer is in your support process

Escalation Rules
Automatically escalate cases to the right people when the cases arent solved by a certain time

What is Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Glossary

Help Center
Create a help center that lets your customers help themselves Display Knowledge articles that answer common questions and
provide a contact button so they can log a case for the issues that require human intervention

Knowledge Base
Find share and store articles or answers related to cases to speed up service Or connect your Knowledge base to your help center
to let customers find answers on their own
Automate common processes for your support team to save them clicks as they help your customers

What is Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Glossary


Lets customers talk to your support team using SMS text messaging or Facebook Messenger

Queues help you prioritize and distribute work like cases and leads across your team Users in the queue can assign work to
themselves or you can use assignment rules or routing to assign work automatically
Quick Text

A predefined message like a greeting note phrase or answer to a common question You can insert quick text into emails chats

and more by using a keyboard shortcut

What is Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Glossary

What is Salesforce Essentials

Salesforce Essentials Glossary

Routing via OmniChannel
Push incoming work items like cases and leads to the right person on your team so your customers can get help in a timely fashion
OmniChannel uses queues to sort work items by priority so the most important work items are pushed to your team first

Social Customer Service
Businesses can listen and respond to customers across various social platforms Your team can pick up issues that have been posted
by customers and address them from the Service Console app
Web Chat
Lets customers have a live chat with your support team through your website