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Financial Services

Financial Services


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Deliver Financial Services for HighTouch Client Relationships
Key Terms
Use the Home Page to Take Charge of Your Day
Filter Client and Household Lists
View Client and Household Profiles
Monitor Your Book of Business with Dashboards
Get Financial Services Cloud Data with Reports

What Client Data Can I See

Set Up Clients Households and Relationships
Create a Client or Prospect
Add Education Details
Add Employment Details
Add Identification Documents
Create a Household from the Account Tab
Create a Household from a Client Profile
Add Household Members and Relationships
Add an Extended Relationship to a Client or Household

Act on Financial Client Relationships with ARC

Get to Know ARC

Types of Relationships in ARC

ARC Integrations

Enter and View Financial Data
Manually Add a Financial Account
View Financial Account Transactions
View Financial Account Billing Statements
View Holdings Within an Investment Account
Add Holdings to an Investment Account
Manually Create Securities Records
Add an Asset or Liability
Add a Financial Goal
Add a Financial Account Role
Manage Client Interactions
Create a Case from Financial Accounts
Track Client Interactions
Track Leads and Opportunities
Create a Wallet Share Opportunity
Create a Lead
Convert a Lead to a Client

Use Financial Services Cloud CRM Analytics Solutions

Analytics for Wealth Management

CRM Analytics for Insurance

Analytics for Retail Banking
Consumer Banking Starter Analytics
Wealth Starter Analytics
the Client Segmentation App
Revenue Intelligence Dashboards