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Lightning Knowledge Guide

Lightning Knowledge Guide


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Create a Knowledge Base with Salesforce Knowledge
Salesforce Knowledge Help and Resources
Plan Your Knowledge Base in Lightning Experience
Knowledge Scalability
Compare Lightning Knowledge with Classic Knowledge
Lightning Knowledge Limitations
Knowledge Limitations in the Salesforce Mobile App
Set Up Lightning Knowledge with a Guided Setup Flow
Set Up and Configure Lightning Knowledge
Enable Lightning Knowledge
Record Type Considerations for Lightning Knowledge
Page Layout Considerations for Lightning Knowledge
Lightning Knowledge Home and Record Pages
Lightning Knowledge User Access
Article History Tracking Lightning Experience
Define Validation Status Picklist Values
Set Up Actions to Insert Articles into Channels in Lightning Knowledge
Set Up Actions to Share Article URLs in Channels and Case Publishers
Use Your Lightning Knowledge Base
Search for Knowledge Articles in Lightning Experience
Authoring Actions in Lightning Knowledge
Use the Lightning Knowledge Component
Smart Links to Salesforce Knowledge Articles
Report on Salesforce Knowledge Articles
Import Articles to Salesforce Knowledge
Create a csv File for Article Import
Set Article Import Parameters
Create an Article zip File for Import
Article and Translation Import and Export Status
Support Articles in Multiple Languages
Work with Articles and Translations
Publish Articles and Translations
Translate Articles in Lightning Knowledge
Archive Articles and Translations
Set Up Primary Article and Translation SideBySide View
Define Data Categories for Your Lightning Knowledge Articles
Work with Data Categories
Create and Modify Category Groups
Add Data Categories to Category Groups
Filter Articles with Data Category Mapping
Data Category Visibility
Sharing for Lightning Knowledge
Choose the Sharing or Access Model for Lightning Knowledge
Sharing Considerations for Lightning Knowledge