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Mc Pb Implementation Guide

Mc Pb Implementation Guide


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Collect Tracking Code
Anonymous Versus Known Visitors
Install Collect Tracking Code
Configure Collect Tracking Code for Personalization Builder
Streaming Catalog Updates Through Collect Tracking Code
Set User Info and Attributes in Collect Tracking Code
Do Not Track Script
Set Contact Attribute Affinity
Track Page View
Track Items Viewed
Track Category Viewed
Track InSite Search
Track
Track Purchase Details
Validate Collect Tracking Code Implementation
Einstein Recommendations Catalog Field Definitions
Reserved Attributes
Add Attributes
Configure Custom Attributes
Create a Catalog Field Mapping
Import a Catalog
Einstein Recommendations Status Console
Fix an Implementation Error
Einstein Recommendations Data Extensions
Einstein Recommendations Rule Manager
Common Rule Types
Configure a Rule
Einstein Recommendation Scenarios
Scenario Hierarchy
Waterfall Predictions
Einstein Email Recommendations
Create Einstein Email Recommendations
Einstein Web Recommendations
Create an Einstein Web Recommendation
Use Cases