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Oem User License Comparison Tipsheet

Oem User License Comparison Tipsheet


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OEM User License Guide

Learn about the license types that are available to OEM partners

License Types and Availability

These licenses are available for resale to new and existing OEM partners

Internal User Licenses

OEM EmbeddedA contractually restricted Enterprise Edition Platform license

OEM Embedded AdminA contractually restricted Enterprise Edition Salesforce admin license thats required on all initial orders

Its used to configure and administer the OEM application This license prohibits providing access to or use of any CRM functionality

Prohibitions include but arent limited to create read update and delete CRUD on Leads Opportunities Cases Solutions Forecasts

and Campaigns
External User Licenses These licenses can be assigned to external users only
Commerce PortalCustom digital experiences to engage any external stakeholder including Brand Engagement and Customer
Customer CommunityBusinesstoconsumer experiences well suited for communities with large numbers of external users who
need access to Salesforce Knowledge
Customer Community PlusSimilar to the Customer Community license with more storage access to reports and dashboards and
advanced sharing

Partner CommunityBusinesstobusiness experiences for users who need access to sales data where the OEM partners solution

allows access to Sales objects Partner Community licenses cant be used with person accounts

Licenses sold by OEM partners can only be used to access the partner solution To extend the partner solution end users can create

access and use up to more custom objects per solution These custom objects can only be used with the partner solution

These tables list object access user permissions and features and org limits for the OEM Embedded user license types For external user

licenses limits and CRUD access information refer to Experience Cloud User Licenses

These symbols are used in the tables

Included in license

Available as an addon for a fee
CCreate access to the object
RRead access to the object
UUpdate access to the object

D Delete access to the object

Note This release is in preview Features described in this document dont become generally available until
the latest general availability date that Salesforce announces for this release Before then and where features
are noted as beta pilot or developer preview we cant guarantee general availability within any particular
time frame or at all Make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available products and

Last updated March

OEM User License Comparison

OEM User License Guide

Object Accessed

OEM Embedded







Calendar Events


















Products Price Books


ISV Custom Object


With the Orders Platform permission set license PSL available to OEM partners only administrators can give the users who have

Salesforce Platform user licenses access to Contracts Products Price Books and Orders Orders functionality is automatically available

to all licenses except the Salesforce Platform licenses which explicitly require the new PSL to grant access

User Features
User Feature

OEM Embedded


Analytics CRM Analytics

Create Knowledge Articles

Salesforce Mobile App
Flows and Process Builder
Approval Process

OEM User License Comparison

OEM User License Guide

User Feature

OEM Embedded

Original Territory Management

Enterprise Territory Management

Original Territory Management was retired for all customers in the Summer release Users cant access the original territory
management feature or its underlying data We encourage you to migrate to Enterprise Territory Management For more information
refer to the Original Territory Management Module Retirement article

User Permissions
User Permission

OEM Embedded

Account Teams
Advanced Sharing
Custom Profiles
Custom Permission Sets
Einstein Search
Customize Reports
Customize Dashboards
View Dashboards
Org Allows Custom Profiles and Page
Org Allows Record Types
Send Email
Submit Workflow Approvals
Unlimited Next Best Action Strategy
Custom Tabs Limit

Custom Objects Limit

OEM User License Comparison

OEM User License Guide

To view a dashboard the running user of a dashboard must be a Salesforce Platform user Dashboards using the Salesforce Platform
administrator as the running user arent viewable by other Salesforce Platform license types
Next Best Action requests made by users with this permission arent counted against the monthly entitlement
The limit of custom objects applies to the primary solution offering End users can create and access up to more custom
objects These custom objects must be within the scope of and used only with the partner solution

Storage Limits

For new accounts the OEM Embedded Admin license comes with an Enterprise Edition org If the customer has an Unlimited Edition

UE org the partner places the order as usual The Partner Operations team provisions the appropriate OEM Embedded UE license on

behalf of the partner The partners OEM Embedded contractual terms apply to the provisioned OEM Embedded UE license Peruser

storage limits are governed by the UE license allocations

Additional Org Limits Added Per

OEM Embedded

Data Storage


File Storage


For data storage each OEM Embedded org is allocated a minimum of GB For example an OEM Embedded org with users at

MB per user receives MB plus GB or GB total data storage An OEM Embedded org with users receives GB because

users multiplied by MB per user is GB

For file storage each OEM Embedded org is allocated a peruser limit multiplied by the number of users in the org plus a perorg allocation

of GB For example an OEM Embedded org with users receives GB of file storage or GB per user multiplied by users

plus GB

For data and file storage limits for other Salesforce editions refer to Data and File Storage Allocations

API Limits

The OEM Embedded Admin license comes with an Enterprise Edition org and OEM Embedded provides a Platform license

Salesforce Edition

API Requests Calls Per License Type Total Requests Calls Per Hour Period

OEM Embedded

number of licenses x calls per license type

Limits are enforced against the aggregate of all API calls made to the org in a hour period Limits arent on a peruser basis When an

org exceeds a limit all users in the org can be temporarily blocked from making calls Calls are blocked until usage for the preceding
hours drops below the limit

For Enterprise Edition org API limits including API limits with External User licenses refer to API Request Limits and Allocations

Considerations for Government Cloud Plus Customers
Keep these considerations in mind when you work with Government Cloud Plus customers
If you sell to a Government Cloud Plus customer additional fees and restrictions apply For details contact your Partner Account

Manager PAM

OEM User License Comparison

OEM User License Guide

Only Services that are included in the Government Cloud Plus Products list can be resold to Government Cloud Plus Customers This
list is updated from time to time and is available on Salesforces Agreements and Terms page
To identify a Government Cloud Plus customer check the Salesforce instance where their org resides The instance is listed on the

customers license record in the License Management App LMA After you determine the instance where their org resides compare

it with the Government Cloud Plus instances on Salesforce Help

Legacy License Types
These licenses arent available to new partners but can be resold by existing partners who have already contracted to resell them These
licenses can be assigned to external users only

ISV PortalAn Authenticated Website license with basic data sharing options Manual sharing to user and participation in sharing

groups arent permitted Users can only log in via Salesforce Platform Sites An ISV Portal license is best used when projected user

volumes exceed

ISV Portal with SharingA Customer Portal Manage Custom license with full sharing capabilities Users can log in only via Salesforce

Platform Sites This license is best used when projected user volumes are under and granular security access is required