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Pardot Sf Connector V2 Setup

Pardot Sf Connector V2 Setup


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Considerations for Using the Salesforce Connector
Considerations for Accounts That Allow Multiple Prospects with the Same Email Address
Choose a Sync Method
Account Engagement Integration User
Configure the Connector User
Step Install the Package and Enable Account Engagement
Install the AppExchange Application for Account Engagement
Enable Account Engagement in Salesforce
Configure and Unpause the Salesforce Connector v
Step Configure Salesforce for the Salesforce Connector
Map Custom Lead Fields to Contact Fields
Show Account Engagement Data in Salesforce
Add Custom Buttons to Salesforce Page Layouts
Adding Account Engagement Standard Actions to Salesforce
Add Scoring Category Scores to Page Layouts
Give Users Access to Account Engagement Data in Salesforce
Step Configure Account Engagement
Map Salesforce and Account Engagement Custom Fields
Test the Salesforce Connector
Trigger the Initial Prospect Sync