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Pkg2 Dev


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Chapter SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Whats a SecondGeneration Managed Package
Why Switch to SecondGeneration Managed Packaging
Comparison of First and SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Before You Create SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Know Your Orgs for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Namespaces for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Create and Register Your Namespace for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Key Concepts in SecondGeneration Managed Packaging
Which Package Dependencies Work with SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Workflow for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Components Available in Managed Packages
Account Relationship Share Rule
Action Link Group Template
Action Plan Template
Actionable List Definition
Activation Platform

AI Application

AI Application Config

Apex Class
Apex Sharing Reason
Apex Sharing Recalculation
Apex Trigger
Application Subtype Definition
Article Type
Aura Component
Batch Calc Job Definition
Batch Process Job Definition
Benefit Action
Bot Template
Branding Set
Briefcase Definition
Building Energy Intensity Record Type Configuration
Business Process Group
Business Process Type Definition
Care Benefit Verify Settings
Care Limit Type
Care Request Configuration
Care System Field Mapping
Channel Layout
Chatter Extension
Claim Financial Settings
Community Template Definition
Community Theme Definition
Compact Layout
Connected App
Contract Type
Conversation Vendor Info

CORS Allowlist

CSP Trusted Site

Custom Application
Custom Button or Link
Custom Console Components
Custom Field on Standard or Custom Object
Custom Field on Custom Metadata Type
Custom Help Menu
Custom Index
Custom Label
Custom Metadata Type Records
Custom Metadata Type
Custom Notification Type
Custom Object Translation
Custom Object
Custom Permission
Custom Setting
Custom Tab
Data Classification on Custom Fields

Data Connector Ingest API

Data Connector S

Data Stream Definition
Data Source
Data Source Object
Decision Matrix Definition
Decision Matrix Definition Version
Decision Table
Decision Table Dataset Link
Digital Experience
Digital Experience Bundle
Disclosure Definition
Disclosure Definition Version
Disclosure Type

Discovery AI Model

Discovery Goal
Discovery Story
Document Generation Setting
Eclair GeoData
Email Template Classic
Email Template Lightning
Embedded Service Config
Embedded Service Menu Settings
Entitlement Template
ESignature Config
ESignature Envelope Config
Experience Builder Template
Experience Builder Theme
Explainability Action Definition
Explainability Action Version
Explainability Message Template
Expression Set Definition
Expression Set Definition Version
Expression Set Object Alias
Embedded Service Deployment
External Actions
External Client App Header
External Client App OAuth Settings
External Credential
External Data Connector
External Data Source
External Document Storage Configuration
External Services
Feature Parameter Boolean
Feature Parameter Date
Feature Parameter Integer
Field Set
Field Source Target Relationship
Flow Category
Flow Definition
Flow Test
Fuel Type
Fuel Type Sustainability Unit of Measure
Fundraising Config
Gateway Provider Payment Method Type
Global Picklist
Home Page Component
Home Page Layout
Identity Verification Proc Def
Inbound Network Connection
Lightning Application
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Event
Lightning Interface
Lightning Message Channel
Lightning Page
Lightning Web Component
List View
Live Chat Sensitive Data Rule
Loyalty Program Setup
Marketing App Extension
Market Segment Definition
Named Credential
Object Source Target Map
Outbound Network Connection
Page Layout
Path Assistant
Payment Gateway Provider
Permission Set
Permission Set Groups
Platform Cache
Platform Event Channel
Platform Event Channel Member
Platform Event Subscriber Configuration
Pricing Recipe
Process Flow Migration
Product Attribute Set
Prompts InApp Guidance
Quick Action
Recommendation Strategy
Record Action Deployment
Record Alert Data Source Expression Set Definition
Record Type
Referenced Dashboard
Registered External Service
Remote Site Setting
Report Type
Reporting Snapshot
Slack App
Service Catalog Category
Service Catalog Item Definition
Service Catalog Fulfillment Flow
Stationary Asset Environmental Source Record Type Configuration
Static Resource
Streaming App Data Connector

Sustainability UOM

Sustainability UOM Conversion

Timeline Object Definition
Timesheet Template

UI Object Relation Config

Validation Rule
Vehicle Asset Emissions Source Record Type Configuration
View Definition
Virtual Visit Config
Visualforce Component
Visualforce Page
Wave Application
Wave Component
Wave Dataflow
Wave Dashboard
Wave Dataset
Wave Lens
Wave Recipe
Wave Template Bundle
Wave Xmd
Web Store Template
Workflow Email Alert
Workflow Field Update
Workflow Knowledge Publish
Workflow Outbound Message
Workflow Rule
Workflow Task
Behavior of Specific Metadata in SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Protected Components in Managed Packages
Set Up a Platform Cache Partition with Provider Free Capacity
Metadata Access in Apex Code
Permission Sets and Profile Settings in Packages
Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Call Salesforce URLs Within a Package
Work with Services Outside of Salesforce
Package Connected Apps in SecondGeneration Managed Packaging
Test and Respond to the New Order Save Behavior
Develop SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Create and Update a SecondGeneration Managed Package
View Package Details for a SecondGeneration Managed Package
Create and Update Versions of a SecondGeneration Managed Package
View Details about a SecondGeneration Managed Package Version
Project Configuration File for a SecondGeneration Managed Package
Get Ready to Promote and Release a SecondGeneration Managed Package Version
Install and Uninstall SecondGeneration Managed Packages

Use the CLI to Install a SecondGeneration Managed Package

Use a URL to Install a SecondGeneration Managed Package

Install Notifications for Unauthorized Managed Packages
Upgrade a SecondGeneration Managed Package Version
Resolve Apex Test Failures
Run Apex on Package InstallUpgrade

Uninstall a SecondGeneration Managed Package
Prepare to Distribute Your SecondGeneration Managed Package
Code Coverage for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Package Installation Key for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Release a SecondGeneration Managed Package
Publishing Your App on AppExchange
Push a Package Upgrade for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Advanced Features for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Package Ancestors for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Patch Versions for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Create Dependencies Between SecondGeneration Managed Packages
SecondGeneration Managed Packaging Keywords
Salesforce Release Transitions
Use Branches in SecondGeneration Managed Packaging
SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Package IDs and Aliases for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Avoid Namespace Collisions in SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Remove Metadata Components from SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Delete a SecondGeneration Managed Package or Package Version
Frequently Used Packaging Operations for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Transfer a SecondGeneration Managed Package to a Different Dev Hub
Best Practices for SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Manage Licenses for Managed Packages
Get Started with the License Management App
Lead and License Records in the License Management App
Modify a License Record
Refresh Licenses for a Managed Package
Extending the License Management App
Move the License Management App to Another Salesforce Org
Troubleshoot the License Management App
Best Practices for the License Management App
Troubleshoot Subscriber Issues
Manage Features in SecondGeneration Managed Packages
Feature Parameter Metadata Types and Custom Objects
Set Up Feature Parameters
Use LMOtoSubscriber Feature Parameters to Enable and Disable Features

Track Preferences and Activation Metrics with SubscribertoLMO Feature Parameters

Hide Custom Objects and Custom Permissions in Your Subscribers Orgs
Best Practices for Feature Management
Considerations for Feature Management
Get Started with AppExchange App Analytics
App Analytics Use Cases
Enable App Analytics on Your SecondGeneration Managed Package
Considerations for Custom Interactions
AppExchange App Analytics Best Practices
Package Usage Summaries
Package Usage Logs
Subscriber Snapshots
Test Custom Integrations
AppExchange App Analytics Developer Cookbook
Gaps Between FirstGeneration and SecondGeneration Managed Packaging