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Salesforce Analytics Rest Api

Salesforce Analytics Rest Api


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Chapter Salesforce Reports and Dashboards REST API

Requirements and Limitations

Chapter Examples Reports REST API Resources

Create a New Report
Run Reports Synchronously or Asynchronously
Get Report Metadata
Get a List of Report Types

Download Formatted Excel Reports Using the Reports REST API

List Asynchronous Runs of a Report
Filter Reports on Demand
List Recently Viewed Reports
Decode the Fact Map
Get Report Data without Saving Changes to or Creating a Report
Save Changes to Reports
Clone Reports
Delete Reports

Chapter Examples Dashboards REST API Resources

Get List of Recently Used Dashboards
Get Dashboard Results
Filter Dashboard Results
Get Dashboard Status
Refresh a Dashboard
Save a Dashboard
Set a Sticky Dashboard Filter
Return Details About Dashboard Components
Get Dashboard Metadata
Clone a Dashboard
Delete a Dashboard

Chapter Examples Analytics Notifications REST API

Get Analytics Notifications
Create an Analytics Notification
Save Changes to an Analytics Notification
Delete an Analytics Notification
Check Limits for Analytics Notifications

Chapter Reports API Resource Reference


Chapter Report Types API Resource Reference

Report Type List
Report Type

Chapter Filter Operators API Resource Reference

Filter Operator List

Chapter Dashboards API Resource Reference

Dashboard List
Dashboard Results
Dashboard Describe
Dashboard Status
Dashboard Filter Options Analysis
Dashboard and Component Error Codes

Chapter Analytics Notifications API Resource Reference

Analytics Notification List
Analytics Notification
Analytics Notification Limits

Chapter Analytics Folders API Resource Reference

Folder Collections
Folder Operations
Folder Shares

Folder Share by ID

Folder Share Recipients
Folder Child Operations