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Salesforce Chatter Rest Api

Salesforce Chatter Rest Api


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Connect REST API Developer Guide


When to Use Connect REST API

Connect REST API Architecture

Connect REST API Rate Limits

Build the Resource URL

Send HTTP Requests

HTTP Request Flow and a Response Body

Inputs and Binary File Upload Examples
Specify Response Sizes
Response Body Encoding
Status Codes and Error Responses

OAuth and Connect REST API

Perform CrossOrigin Requests from Web Browsers
Quick Start
Step One Obtain a Salesforce Developer Edition Organization
Step Two Set Up Authorization

Step Three Connect to Connect REST API Using OAuth

Connect to Experience Cloud Sites
Work with Features
Action Links
Experience Cloud Sites
Customer Asset Lifecycle Management
Feeds and Feed Elements
Salesforce Files
Filter a Response Body
Make a Request in an Experience Cloud Site
Get My News Feed
Get Another Users Feed
Get a Group Feed
Post a Feed Item
Post a Feed Element and Include Files from Salesforce
Post a RichText Feed Element
Post a Feed Element with a Code Block
Post a Feed Element with an Inline Image
Post a Comment
Post a Comment and Include a File from Salesforce
Post a RichText Comment
Post a Comment with a Code Block
Post a Comment with an Inline Image
Post a Binary File
Post an Mention
Post Multiple Mentions
Get a List of Mention Proposals
Define Action Links and Post with a Feed Element
Define Action Links in a Template and Post with a Feed Element
Update the Status of an Action Link or Invoke an Action Link
Edit a Feed Post
Edit a Comment
Edit a Question Title and Post
Move a Feed Post from one Public Group to Another
Like a Feed Item
Like a Feed Item and Return the Total Number of Likes
Share a Feed Item
Send a Direct Message
Get Feed Elements Updated Since Last Request
Get a Feed with Internal Feed Items Only
Search a Feed
Get a List of Records a User Follows
Get Chatter Activity Statistics for a User
Get Recommendations of Users to Follow
Create and Schedule Custom Recommendations with Audiences
Create a Group
Update and Crop a Group Photo
Join a Group
Request to Join a Private Group
Approve or Reject a Request to Join a Private Group
Post to a Group
Follow a Record
Stop Following a Record
Get a Record Feed
Update a User Profile
Update and Crop a User Photo
Send a Private Message
Get User Information for Multiple Users
Create a Topic Hierarchy in Experience Cloud Sites
Action Links Resources
Activity Reminders
Announcements Resources
Async Query Resources

BB Commerce for Lightning Resources

Batch Resource
Call Coaching Resources
Chatter Resources
Clean Resources

CMS Managed Content Resources

Comments Resources
Commerce Payments Resources
Connect Resources
Content Workspace Permissions Resource
Conversations Resources
Custom Recommendation Audience Resources
Custom Recommendation Definition Resources
Customer Asset Lifecycle Management Resources
Dashboard Component Snapshot Resource
Datacloud Resources
Data Integration Resources
Duplicate Resources
Einstein Prediction Service Resources
Employee Profiles Resources
Environment Hub Resources
Email Merge Field Services Resource
Experience Cloud Site Resources
Experience Cloud Sites Knowledge Resources
Experience Cloud Sites Moderation Resources
External Email Services Resource
Feed Elements Resources
Feeds Resources
Field Service Shifts from Pattern Resource
Files Resources
Files Connect Repository Resources
Folders Resources
Forecasts Resources
Groups Resources
Influence Resource
Knowledge Article View Stat Resource
Likes Resource
List Share Resources
Managed Topics Resources
Mentions Resources
Messaging Channels Resource
Missions Resources
Motifs Resources
Navigation Menu Items
Next Best Action Resources
Notification Settings Resources
Notifications Resources
Personalization Resources
Private Connect Resources
Push Notifications Resource
Question and Answers Resources
Quick Text Resource
Quip Related Records Resource
Records Resources
Salesforce Omnichannel Inventory Resources
Salesforce Order Management Resources
Salesforce Scheduler Resources
Salesforce Surveys Invitation Emails Resource
Scheduled Custom Recommendations Resources
Share Captured Activity Resource
Social Engagement Resources
Social Engagement Setup Resources
Subscriptions Resource
Subscriptions Notifications Member Resource
Topics Resources
User Profiles Resources
Users Resources
Zones Resources
Request Bodies
Action Link Definition Input
Action Link Group Definition Input
Action Link Input
Action Link Template Binding Input
Activity Reminder Input
Address Input
Adjust Item Input
Adjust Order Item Summary Input
Alternative Input
Announcement Input
Article Topic Assignment Job Input
Asset Action Input
Asset Action Source Input
Asset File Input
Asset State Period Input
Assigned Resource Input
Associated Actions Capability Input
Async Query Input
Audience Criterion Input
Audience Criterion Value Input
Audience Input
Available Territory Slots Input

Authorization API Payment Method Input

Authorization Reversal Input
Authorization Input
Banner Photo Input
Batch Collection Input
Batch Input
Bookmarks Capability Input
Cancel Asset Input
Canvas Capability Input
Capture Input
Card Payment Method Input
Cart Input
Cart Item Input
Cart Messages Visibility Input
Cart to Wishlist Input
Change Asset Input
Change Input
Change Item Input
Chatter Stream Input
Clean Input
Close Capability Input
Comment Capabilities Input
Comment Input
Community Input
Connectors Call Input
Connectors Call List Input
Content Capability Input
Conversation Entries Update Input
Conversation Entry Update Input
Create Credit Memo Input
Create Order Payment Summary Input
Custom List Audience Criteria Input
Custom Recommendation Audience Input
Custom Recommendation Definition Input
Datacloud Contact Import Input
Datacloud Order Input
Dashboard Component Snapshot Input
Digest Job Input
Direct Message Capability Input
Distinct Value Refinement Input
Duplicate Job Input
Duplicate Job Status Input
Ensure Funds Async Input
Ensure Refunds Async Input

Environment Hub SSO User Mapping Input

Extended Fields Input
Extension Input
Extensions Capability Input
Facetable Attribute Input
Facetable Attributes Collection Input
Feed Element Capabilities Input
Feed Entity Share Capability Input
Feed Favorite Input
Feed Item Input
Feed Item Topic Input

File ID Input

File Input
File Shares Input
Files Capability Input
Files Connect Field Value Input
Files Connect Item Input
Files Connect Permission Collection Input
Files Connect Permission Input
Find Routes With Fewest Splits Input
Folder Input
Folder Item Input
Following Input
Fulfillment Group Input
Fulfillment Order Input
Fulfillment Order Invoice Input
Fulfillment Order Line Item Input
Fulfillment Order Line Items To Cancel Input
Generate Asset Input
Generic Batch Collection Input
Generic Batch Input
Group Chatter Settings Input
Group Information Input
Group Input
Group Member Input
Group Membership Request Update
Group Record Input
Invite Collection Input
Knowledge Article View Stat Input
Lead Input
Link Capability Input
List Current Share Collection Input
Location Availability Input
Location Input
Managed Content Type Searchable Input
Managed Social Account Setup Input
Managed Topic Input
Managed Topic Position Collection Input
Managed Topic Position Input
Message Body Input
Message Segment Input Entity Link
Message Segment Input Hash Tag
Message Segment Input Inline Image
Message Segment Input Link
Message Segment Input Markup Begin
Message Segment Input Markup End
Message Segment Input Mention
Message Segment Input Text
Messaging Channel Input
Moderation Flag Input
Multiple Fulfillment Order Input
Mute Capability Input
New User Audience Criteria Input
Next Best Action Strategy Input
Notification App Setting Input
Notification Collection Input
Notification Input
Notification Member Input
Notification Setting Input

OCI Create Reservation Input

OCI Create Reservation Single Input

OCI Fulfill Reservation Input

OCI Fulfill Reservation Single Input

OCI Get Inventory Availability Input

OCI Release Reservation Input

OCI Release Reservation Single Input

OCI Transfer Reservation Input

OCI Transfer Reservation Single Input

Order Item Summary Input
Order Summary Input
Payment Group Input
Payment Method Input
Payment Method Tokenization Input
Photo Input
Pin Capability Input
Poll Capability Input
Pricing Input
Pricing Line Item Input
Product Search Grouping Input Pilot
Product Search Input
Push Notification Input
Quantity With Sku Input
Question and Answers Capability Input
Rank Average Distance Input
Read By Capability Input
Recommendation Reaction Input
Record Capability Input
Referenced Refund Input
Request Header Input
Scheduled Custom Recommendation Input
Searchable Attribute Input
Searchable Attributes Collection Input
Search Product Setting Collection Input
Search Product Setting Input
Service Appointment Input
Service Appointments Input
Service Appointment Update Input
Share Captured Activity Input
Share Input
Shifts from Pattern Input
Skill Requirement Input
Social Customer Service Configuration Input
Social Customer Service Message Type Settings Input
Social Customer Service Provider Settings Input
Social Post Mass Approval Input
Status Capability Input
Stream Subscription Input
Survey Email Input
Survey Recipient Engagement Context Input
Survey Recipient Survey Subjects Input
Target Collection Input
Target Collection Update Input
Target Input
Target Location Input
Target Update Input
Topic Assignment Input
Topic Endorsement Input
Topic Input
Topic Names Input
Topics Capability Input
Up Down Vote Capability Input
User Chatter Settings Input

User ID Collection Input

User Input
User Message
User Message Recipient Input
User Message Recipient List Input
User Mission Activity Input
User Status Input
User Stream Conversation Input
Verified Capability Input
Wishlist Input
Wishlist Item Input
Wishlist Update Input
Work Type Input
Response Bodies
Action Link Definition
Action Link Diagnostic
Action Link Group Definition
Activity Reminder
Activity Reminders Collection
Adjust Order Summary Output
Announcement Page
Approval Capability
Approval Post Template Field
Approval Social Post Intent
Article Item
Article Summary
Asset Action Output
Asset Action Source Output
Asset State Period Output
Asset Output
Asset Result Output
Asset File
Associated Actions Capability
Async Query
Async Query Collection
Audience Collection
Audience Criteria Details
Audience Criterion Details
Audience Target
Audience Target Assignment
Authorization Gateway Response Output
Authorization Adjustment Output
Authorization Reversal Gateway Response Output
Authorization Reversal Output
Authorization Output
Available Location Output
Available Territory Slots
Available Territory Slots List
Available Territory Slots Output
Average Distance Result Output

AWS Inbound Network Connection Properties

AWS Outbound Network Connection Properties

Banner Capability
Banner Photo
Batch Result Item
Batch Results
Bookmark Summary
Bookmarks Capability
Call Collaboration Capability
Candidate Answers Status
Canvas Capability
Cart Item
Cart Item Collection
Cart Item Product
Cart Item Result
Cart Item Without Price
Cart Message
Cart Messages Summary
Cart Messages Visibility Result
Cart Product Attribute
Cart Summary
Cart to Wishlist Result
Case Comment Capability
Capture Gateway Response Output
Capture Output
Change Item Output
Chatter Activity
Chatter Activity Summary
Chatter Directory
Chatter Influence
Chatter Likes Capability
Chatter Recommendation
Chatter Recommendations
Chatter Stream
Chatter Stream Collection
Clean Record Result
Clean Record Result Collection
Clean Rule Data Service
Clean Rule Data Service Collection
Clean Rule Data Service Metrics
Clean Rule Data Service Metrics Collection
Clean Rule Status
Clean Rule Status Collection
Close Capability
Comment Capabilities
Comment Page
Comment Summary
Comments Capability
Commerce Search Index
Commerce Search Index Collection
Community Create
Community Page
Community Publish
Community Summary
Community Template
Community Template Collection
Company Verify Summary
Connect Directory
Connectors Call Coaching Status
Connectors Call Coaching User Info
Connectors Voice Call List Result
Connectors Voice Call Result
Content Capability
Conversation Bulk Upload
Conversation Bulk Uploads
Conversation Bulk Upload Status
Conversation Bulk Upload Statuses
Conversation Detail
Conversation Entries
Conversation Entries Update
Conversation Entry
Conversation Entry Update
Conversation Participant
Conversation Summary
Conversation Summary Collection
Conversation Unread Count
Create Credit Memo Output
Create Order Payment Summary Output
Custom List Audience Criteria
Custom Recommendation Audience
Custom Recommendation Audience Collection
Custom Recommendation Definition
Custom Recommendation Definition Collection
Dashboard Component Snapshot
Dashboard Component Snapshot Capability
Datacloud Company
Datacloud Company Collection
Datacloud Contact
Datacloud Contact Collection
Datacloud Import
Datacloud Import Status
Datacloud Order
Datacloud Purchase Usage
Data Integration Credit
Data Integration Credit Objects
Delete Intent
Delete Intents
Delete Social Post Intent
Digest Job
Direct Message Capability
Direct Message Member Collection
Direct Message Membership Activity
Direct Message Membership Activity Collection
Distance Calculation Output
Distinct Facet Value
Distinct Value Search Facet
Downvote Summary
Duplicate Directory
Duplicate Job
Duplicate Job Collection
Duplicate Job Definition
Duplicate Job Definition Collection
Edit Capability
Email Address
Email Attachment
Email Merge Field
Email Merge Field Collection
Email Message Capability
Emoji Collection
Enhanced Link Capability
Ensure Funds Async Output
Ensure Refunds Async Output
Entity Label
Environment Hub My Domain Validation

Environment Hub OAuth URL

Environment Hub Signup Member Validation

Environment Hub SSO User Mapping Validation

Error Message
Error Response Output
Error with Output
Explanation Details
Explanation Summary
Extension Definition
Extension Definition Collection
Extensions Capability
External File Permission Information
External Managed Account Collection Output
External Managed Account Output
Facetable Attribute
Facetable Attributes Collection
Favorites Page
Feed Directory
Feed Directory Item
Feed Element Capabilities
Feed Element Page
Feed Enabled Entity Summary
Feed Entity Is Editable
Feed Entity Not Available Summary
Feed Entity Read Summary
Feed Entity Share Capability
Feed Item
Feed Item Body