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Salesforce Client Autoupdate Cheatsheet

Salesforce Client Autoupdate Cheatsheet


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Lightning Platform Connect
for Outlook Lightning
Platform Connect Offline and
Lightning Platform Connect
for Office are desktop clients
that integrate Salesforce with

your PC

You can enable or disable access to desktop clients for your users and turn on or off the automatic
notifications that announce new client versions
Note The information doesnt apply to Salesforce for Outlook
For each profile you can control how users interact with desktop clients
From Setup enter Profiles in the Quick Find box then select Profiles
Select a profile
In the Desktop Client Access settings page or Desktop Integration Clients section click Edit
For each dropdown list choose one of the following options

Administer Salesforce
Desktop Clients

You must have
Enterprise Unlimited
Performance or
Developer Edition
You must have the
Manage Profiles and
Permission Sets
permission to modify



Off access denied

Users cannot download or use the client

On no updates

Users can access the client but cannot upgrade

On updates wo alerts

Users can access the client and are allowed to upgrade it but
do not see alerts when a new version is made available

On updates walerts

Users can access the client and will see update notifications
They will see update alerts which they can follow or ignore

On must update walerts

Users can access the client and must upgrade to the latest
version whenever an update is available They will not be able
to log in from the client until they have upgraded it

Checking for Updates
If users can see update
alerts provided they have
successfully logged in from
the client in the past a
banner automatically
displays across the Home
tab whenever a new version
is available Alternatively in
their personal settings they
can click Check for Updates
to see which client versions
they have installed

Click Save
For more information see
Desktop Client Access

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