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Salesforce Conflict Res Cheatsheet

Salesforce Conflict Res Cheatsheet


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Forcecom Flex desktop apps
run on client machines with
Adobe Integrated Runtime

AIR and operate both

online and offline The ability
to operate offline makes
them ideal for users who do
not always have an Internet
connection but still need to
access Salesforcecom data

Resolving Data Conflicts and Errors in Flex Applications
When a Flex desktop application synchronizes with Salesforce values in the desktop application might
violate validation rules or conflict with changes by other users in Salesforce To resolve data conflicts and
Click the Resolve button in the status bar of the Flex desktop application The conflict resolution
interface appears
Conflict Resolution Interface

If you have conflicts to resolve the conflict resolution interface displays the Salesforce values and their
conflicting Flex application values in a table To resolve each conflict select the correct value in either
the Salesforce Value column or Client Value column Alternatively use the buttons
at the top to quickly select the most recent values all Salesforce values or all client values Hover over
values for details
When you are finished click Continue to Summary if there are no errors in your Flex application
otherwise click Continue to Errors
If your Flex application data has errors the conflict resolution interface displays them in a table To
resolve an error doubleclick the value and enter the correct values in the Client Value column
Click Continue to Summary when finished
The summary lists your changes Review the changes and click Finish to save them to both Salesforce
and the Flex application
Unresolved conflicts and errors appear again the next time the Flex application synchronizes with Salesforce

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