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Salesforce Convertleads Cheatsheet

Salesforce Convertleads Cheatsheet


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What is a Lead

With leads in Salesforce you
can track and manage your
potential business

Using leads gives you a streamlined way to manage your business flow from potential customer to closed
deal Leads are

Creating Leads
Select Lead from the Create
New dropdown list in the
sidebar or click New on the
Leads tab
You can set leads to different
statuses based on your
progress for example Open
Contacted Unqualified or

Prospects or potential opportunities for example a person you met at a conference who expressed
interest in a possible deal
Sources of potential deals that need more background work before they can be defined
Visitors to your website who filled out a form requesting more information
Other interested parties whose information your administrator imported as described in the tip sheet
for lead administrators
Respondents to a campaign as described in the tip sheet about managing campaigns
Separate from your companys accounts contacts and opportunities

Why Start with Leads
Start with leads when you do not know if the prospective customer will actually generate business for
you Using leads you can
Assign leads to individual reps or lead queues to make sure potential customers are getting the
attention they need
Merge two or three leads if they are duplicate records for the same person
Use the Leads tab to qualify incoming leads
Automatically convert qualified leads into an accounts with an associated contacts and opportunities
Run reports to
Evaluate marketing campaigns based on the leads they create
Track the effectiveness of different lead sources
Monitor the time it takes to convert leads with the Lead Lifetime report

Managing Your Leads
To manage your leads
Use the My Unread Leads view to locate your new leads
Take ownership of unassigned leads from the list views of queues of which you are a member
Use the Open Activities section of a lead to schedule events and tasks related to the lead
Change the lead status as your work on the lead progressesthis is important for reporting

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Getting the Most from Your Leads

Converting Your Leads

Converting Your Leads
How are Leads

An account is the
company information for
a deal

A contact is an individual

associated with an

An opportunity is the
related deal information

Accounts contacts and
opportunities present a
total picture of a
relationshipa lead is
the introduction to that

As soon as you qualify a lead you can convert it into an account contact and opportunity so you can
start to close the deal To convert a lead
Click Convert on the lead detail page
Verify the owner of the new records and optionally send him or her an automated notification email
set the status of the converted lead schedule a followup task and click Convert
We try to match the new account and contact to existing accounts and contacts if possible You can
choose to use the existing items or create new ones
Activities related to the lead are now associated with the newly created account contact and
Converted leads can no longer be viewed in the Leads tab but they will contribute data to reports
When customizing your report enter a filter option of Converted equals True to view converted
When leads are converted
The Company Name from the lead becomes the Account Name
The Lead Name from the lead becomes the Contact Name
The opportunity and contact are associated with the account
If enabled for your organization universally required custom fields workflow rules validation rules
and Apex triggers are enforced