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Salesforce Cti Enduser Cheatsheet

Salesforce Cti Enduser Cheatsheet


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Logging In to Your SoftPhone

The Salesforce CRM Call

Center SoftPhone improves
your productivity by providing
fast and easy access to
accounts contacts cases
and other Salesforce objects
that are directly related to
incoming calls

Salesforce CRM Call Center requires you to first log in to Salesforce and then to log in separately to your

SoftPhone The SoftPhone is located in the sidebar and only appears if you are
Assigned to a call center in Salesforce

Using a machine on which an appropriate CTI adapter is installed You can quickly verify that an adapter

is installed by looking for the
icon in the system tray of your computer
Depending on the phone system that your organization uses the SoftPhone login prompts you to enter

your user ID password and other credentials Once you have entered these values click Log In to complete

the connection to your phone system
After logging in your call center state is automatically set to Not Ready for Calls If you want
to receive calls use the dropdown list at the top of the SoftPhone to change your call center state to
Ready for Calls

Using the SoftPhone
The One Step Transfer and
One Step Conference
buttons may be available in
your SoftPhone if your call
center supports this
functionality Use these
buttons if you want to
transfer or conference a call
without first speaking
privately to the third party
To view a list of all calls that
youve made or received in
the past day click My Calls
Today This link opens the
My Calls Today report in the
Reports tab

You can use the SoftPhone to perform the following functions
Dial a phone number by entering the number into the builtin SoftPhone and clicking Dial or by
clicking the
icon next to any phone number associated with a contact lead activity or account
Look up a phone number in your call center directory by clicking the
icon typing all or part of
the name for which you are searching and clicking Go Click the name of a number to enter it into
your SoftPhones dial pad
Answer a phone call by clicking Answer when a call arrives or using your physical telephone set to
pick up the call
Put a caller on hold by clicking the Hold button while on a call You can retrieve the call by clicking
Retrieve from Hold
Initiate a conference call by clicking the Conference button while on a call Your original call is placed
on hold while you connect to the new participant Once you have connected click Complete
Conference to place all parties on the same line
Transfer a phone call by clicking the Transfer button while on a call Your original call is placed on
hold while you connect to the third party Once connected click Complete Transfer to transfer the
original party
Start a new call on a second line by clicking New Line while on a call
Attach comments to an automatic call log by typing text into the Comments text box during a call
Associate Salesforce records with a call by navigating to the record in the main Salesforce window
and then selecting it in the call log area
Edit completed call logs by clicking Edit next to the call in the Recent Calls area of the SoftPhone

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Getting Started with your SoftPhone

Specifying Personal SoftPhone Settings

Specifying Personal SoftPhone Settings
Additional Features
Your SoftPhone may include
additional features that are
not described in the
Salesforce help because of
customizations that have
been made for your

organization or the CTI Toolkit

with which your SoftPhone
was built See your
administrator for details

To edit personal SoftPhone settings from your personal settings enter SoftPhone in the Quick
Find box then select My SoftPhone Settings The following options are available
Automatically log in to your call center when logging into SalesforceSelect this option if you
want Salesforce to use saved login information to automatically log you in to your SoftPhone
If only one record found on incoming call
Select Always open the record automatically to display a single matching
record in the main Salesforce window when a call arrives
Select Never open the record automatically to display a single matching record
only as a link in the SoftPhone You must click the link to display the full record details