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Salesforce Dashboard Filters Cheatsheet

Salesforce Dashboard Filters Cheatsheet


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One Dashboard For Many Viewers
Filters on a dashboard allow you to choose different views of data As an administrator you dont need to clone dashboards along with
source reports for each subset of data With a single filtered dashboard you can serve data needs for a wider audience Filters are available
for both dynamic and standard singleuser dashboards After you filter a dashboard the filtered view is preserved so that the next time
you see the dashboard data is filtered in the same view
Note As you prepare to filter dashboards keep these dashboard filter limitations in mind
You cant add filters to dashboards that contain Visualforce or scontrol components
Its not possible to filter on bucket fields However it is possible to use a report filtered on a bucket field on the dashboard
Filters arent applied when you schedule or email a dashboard
You cant filter data on a joined report in dashboard view or add a filter to a dashboard that only has joined reports
You cant use custom summary formulas in dashboard filters

Creating Dashboard Filters
To create a filter Click Add Filter and select the field to filter on from the Field dropdown See Add a Dashboard Filter

Equivalent Fields
The field you select for the filter could have equivalent fields Equivalent fields share the same underlying object as the field you select
for the filter You can use equivalent fields to filter components that dont have the exact field you selected for the filter or to filter some
components differently For example if you filter on the Account Owner field equivalent fields include Opportunity Owner
or Opportunity Created by as all three are part of the User object

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Filtering Dashboards

One Dashboard For Many Viewers

Support Manager Dashboard
You can use a filtered dashboard to track support cases for different types of customer By using a dashboard with filters on Annual
Revenue Case Priority and Account Type your support organization can make sure that highvalue customers with
highpriority cases are getting the attention they need Creating a dynamic dashboard means that one dashboard can be used throughout
the organization by managers and even reps The figure below shows the Support Manager Dashboard filtered to show data for
customers whose annual revenue is greater than or equal to million and who have open highpriority support cases

Filtering Dashboards

One Dashboard For Many Viewers

Sales Performance Dashboard
You can show how different types of deals are performing across different account segments by creating a dashboard with two filters
Create a filter for Annual Revenue that contains several ranges that reflect how your organization segments accounts and then
create a filter on Opportunity Type Create this as a dynamic dashboard to let the entire sales organization use it managers can
use it to view the performance of their teams while reps can use it to monitor their own performance