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Salesforce Development Lifecycle

Salesforce Development Lifecycle


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Development Lifecycle Guide Retired
The Development Lifecycle Guide is retired because we have content in Trailhead Salesforce Help and other guides that covers the same
material but better
For starters check out the Application Lifecycle and Development Models module in Trailhead If you want to use change sets your next
step is the Change Set Development Model module You can also find other Trailhead modules about the application lifecycle by using
the App Lifecycle filter tag at httpstrailheadsalesforcecomenmodules
If youre looking for information about development environments see the content under Deploy Enhancements from Sandboxes in

Salesforce Help To learn about scratch orgs see the Salesforce DX Developer Guide

Looking for help with migration tools The Salesforce CLI lists commands that you can use to retrieve and deploy org components

Want to learn about the Salesforce approach to managing technology projects and teams Look no further than the Governance Basics
module on Trailhead
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