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Salesforce Field Service Implementation Guide

Salesforce Field Service Implementation Guide


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Field Service
Field Service Limits and Limitations
Set Up Field Service
Enable Field Service
Install the Field Service Managed Package
Field Service Permission Set Licenses
Set Up Territories Operating Hours and Shifts
Set Up Work Order Management for Field Service
Set Up Your Field Service Workforce
Set Up Your Field Service Inventory
Get Ready for Scheduling
Set Up Field Service in Experience Cloud Sites
Run Health Check
Report on Field Service
Manage Data Integration Rules
Manage Work Orders
Create Work Orders
Create Maintenance Plans
Manage Shifts
Create Flexible Work Shifts
View Your Shift Schedule
Guidelines for Shift Availability
Manage Service Resources
Get Started with Time Sheets
Create Service Resource Absences
View a Service Resources Daily Travel Route
View a Service Resources Calendar
Manage Service Crews
Manage Service Appointments
Create Service Appointments
Schedule Service Appointments
Unschedule Service Appointments
Reschedule Service Appointments
Fix Scheduling Overlaps
Group Nearby Appointments
Fill Schedule Gaps
Customize Appointment Chatter Settings
Dispatch Appointments
Manage Your Field Service Inventory
Common Inventory Management Tasks
Track Required Inventory
Request Inventory
Transfer Inventory
Track Inventory Consumption
Track Inventory Shipments
Track Customer Returns
Manage Service Reports
Create Service Report Templates
Create Service Reports
Optimize Your Field Service Schedule
Whats Schedule Optimization
Create and Manage Scheduling Policies
Create and Manage Work Rules
Create and Manage Service Objectives
Set Up and Run Optimization Jobs
Optimize Todays Schedule
Optimize a Single Resources Schedule
Optimize Appointments Using Priorities
Create Scheduling Recipes for Common Events
Monitor Optimization Requests
Create Relevance Groups
Work in the Dispatcher Console
Customize the Dispatcher Console
Work in the Dispatcher Console Appointment List
Work in the Dispatcher Console Gantt
Work in the Dispatcher Console Map
Field Service Object Fields
Standard and Custom Objects
Linked Article Fields
Location Fields
Maintenance Plan Fields
Operating Hours Fields
Product Request and Transfer Fields
Product Item and Inventory Fields
Return Order Fields
Service Appointment Fields
Service Crew Fields
Service Report Fields
Service Resource Fields
Service Territory Fields
Shift Fields
Skill Fields
Time Sheet Fields
Work Order Fields
Work Order Line Item Fields
Work Type Fields
Field Service Mobile App
Field Service Mobile App Requirements
Field Service Mobile App Considerations
Field Service Mobile Security

Field Service Android and iOS Mobile App Comparison

Supported Data Types in the Field Service Mobile App
Download the Field Service Connected App
Give Users Access to the Field Service Mobile App
Let Users Manage Inventory from the Field Service Mobile App
Customize the Field Service Mobile App
Using the Field Service Mobile App