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Salesforce File Sync Impl Guide

Salesforce File Sync Impl Guide


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Set Up Salesforce Files Sync
Salesforce Spring

Last updated November

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Configure File Upload and Download Security Settings



To provide more security control the way some file types are handled during upload and download


To manage file upload and download settings
From Setup enter File Upload and Download Security in the Quick Find
box then select File Upload and Download Security

Available in both Salesforce
Classic and Lightning

Click Edit
To prevent users from uploading files that can pose a security risk select Dont allow

HTML uploads as attachments or document records

This setting blocks the upload of these MIME file types html htt mht svg swf

thtml and xhtml


To configure file upload and
download settings
Customize Application

Warning Keep the following in mind when selecting this option
If your organization uses the partner portal to give your partner users access to
Salesforce we dont recommend enabling this setting Enabling this setting prevents
your organization from customizing the appearance of your partner portal

HTML attachments are not permitted on solutions regardless of whether this security

setting is enabled In addition this setting does not affect attachments on email

templates HTML attachments on email templates are always permitted

After this setting is enabled previouslyuploaded HTML documents and attachments

are unaffected However when users attempt to view an HTML attachment or

document their browser first prompts them to open the file in the browser save it
to their computer or cancel the action
Set download behavior for each file type
a Download recommended The file regardless of file type is always downloaded
b Execute in Browser The file regardless of file type is displayed and executed automatically when accessed in a browser or

through an HTTP request

c Hybrid Salesforce Files are downloaded Attachments and documents execute in the browser
Click Save