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Salesforce Finserv Install Guide

Salesforce Finserv Install Guide


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Get Ready to Use Financial Services Cloud
PreInstallation Tasks for Accounts and User Profiles
PreInstallation Tasks for Lightning Experience
Financial Services Cloud Packages
Install the Managed Package
Install the Unmanaged Extension Packages
PostInstallation Tasks
Configure Navigation to Individual and Group Profiles
Lightning Pages Setup
Add Values to the Lead Status Picklist
Add Values to the Opportunity Stage Picklist
Add Users
Page Layouts and Global Actions Setup
Add Customer Roles
Deploy the Client Segmentation App

Enable CRM Analytics

Assign Client Segmentation App App Administrator Permissions
Assign Client Segmentation App User Permissions
Get Your Data Ready to Create the Client Segmentation App
Set FieldLevel Security to Enable Creation of the Client Segmentation App
Create and Share an App from the Client Segmentation App Template
Schedule the Data Synch and Dataflow for the Client Segmentation App
Understand Client Segmentation App Limitations