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Salesforce Groupcal Cheatsheet

Salesforce Groupcal Cheatsheet


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What Is Shared Calendaring

Use shared calendaring to
enable your users to more
easily coordinate their
activities Set the sharing
model for users personal
calendars and set up public
calendars and resources to
manage group activities and
shared resources

Shared calendaring is a set of features that help users track events organizationwide Organizations using
any Salesforce edition except Personal Edition have access to the following features
Users can view each others calendars to see what events are scheduled If calendar sharing permissions
allow it users can also add events to other users calendars and even change the details of other users
existing events
The multiuser calendar view displays several users calendars all at once
Professional Enterprise Unlimited Performance and Developer Edition organizations can use the following
additional features
Public calendars track events that apply to a group of users For example department event calendars
project calendars and production schedules
Resource calendars track the schedules of conference rooms overhead projectors and other company

Creating Public Calendars and Resources
When you create a public
calendar or resource make
it available to others by
sharing it with specific users
groups roles and roles and

To create a public calendar or resource
From Setup enter Public Calendars and Resources in the Quick Find box then
select Public Calendars and Resources
Click New next to Public Calendars or Resources
Give the calendar or resource a name
Check Active
Click Save
To make the new calendar or resource available to others click Sharing and set the sharing as
described later in this tip sheet

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Setting Up Shared Calendaring

Adding Events to Public Calendars and Resources

Adding Events to Public Calendars and Resources
Public Calendar Tips

To simplify public
calendar access create
a bookmark a web
integration link in the
Home tab or a hyperlink
on your companys
To display a list of public
and resource calendars
from Setup enter

Public Calendars
and Resources in
the Quick Find box
then select Public
Calendars and

Adding an event to a public calendar is similar to adding an event to your personal calendar
Click the Home tab then click the Day View Week View or Month View icon below the calendar
Click Change next to Calendar for at the top of the calendar
Select Public Calendars Resources then choose the name of the public calendar Be sure to choose
a public calendar not a resource
In the day view click the desired time In the week or month view click New next to the desired day
To schedule an event for a resource invite the resource to a multiperson event by clicking Add Invitees
and choosing to search within Resources For information about how to create a multiperson event see
the online help

Sharing User Calendars Public Calendars and Resources
To set sharing for personal user calendars
From Setup enter Sharing Settings in the Quick Find box then select Sharing Settings
Click Edit in the OrganizationWide Defaults related list of the Sharing Settings page
Choose a default security access setting from the Calendar dropdown list
Users can modify calendar sharing individually to make their calendars even more accessible to other
To set sharing for a public calendar or resource
From Setup enter Public Calendars and Resources in the Quick Find box select
Public Calendars and Resources and then click Sharing next to the calendar that you want to
Click Add select public groups roles or users and add them to New Sharing
In Calendar Access select the desired sharing level
To allow all users to access a public calendar or resource share it with the public group Entire