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Salesforce Health Cloud Impl Guide

Salesforce Health Cloud Impl Guide


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Administer Health Cloud

Where Do I Start with Health Cloud

Health Cloud in the Payer Sector
Health Cloud in the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences Sector
Health Cloud in the Provider Sector
Create a Health Cloud Trial Org
Health Cloud Data Models
Health Cloud Sales and Commercial Excellence
Health Cloud for Life Sciences
Health Cloud for Insurance
Types of People in Health Cloud
Quick Start List for a Successful Health Cloud Implementation
Set Up Health Cloud
Enable Contacts to Relate to Multiple Accounts
Enable Chatter Settings
Make Data Protection Details Available in Records
Install Health Cloud Packages
Configure Custom Record Types for Individuals
Configure Custom Record Types for Groups
Add Health Cloud Users
Configure Health Cloud Profiles
Assign Health Cloud Permission Sets and Permission Set Licenses
Assign or Unassign the Health Cloud Permission Set License to Many Users
Review and Assign Health Cloud Permission Sets
Set Field Access
Set Up Person Accounts to Represent Health Cloud Members and Patients
Protect Your Health Data with Salesforce Shield
Control Access to Patient or Member Lists
Use Custom Metadata Settings to Configure Health Cloud
Error Messages
Import Patients
Admin App
Customize the Health Cloud Console
Switch to Lightning
Display Information About a Patient or Member
Customize the Create External Member Fields
Refine the Householding Map for Care Coordinators
Allow Domains for Health Cloud Console
Customize the Timeline View
Manage Life Events
Show Data Sources with Custom Icons
Customize Health Cloud Labels
Translate Health Cloud Labels
Import Diagnosis and Procedure Codes
Health Cloud Apps
Customize the Health Cloud Apps in Lightning
Contact Center for Health Cloud
Enable Admin Settings to Use Contact Center
Assign Permission Sets and Permission Set Licenses for Contact Center Users
Set Up Standard Object Permissions for the Contact Center User
Configure the Contact Center
Enable Users to Create Knowledge Articles in the Contact Center
Explore the Components of the Contact Center
Code Sets and Code Set Bundles
Codings Codeable Concepts and Value Sets
Recommendations for Using Code Sets and Code Set Bundles
Predecessors to Code Sets and Code Set Bundles in Health Cloud
Provide Dashboards
Provide Referral Management Reports

Understand Which FHIR Objects Need Custom Report Types

Flow for Health Cloud
OmniStudio for Health Cloud
Get Ready to Install OmniStudio for Health Cloud
Install the OmniStudio Package for Health Cloud
Help Patients Connect with Providers
Provider Search
Provider Cards
Protect Personal Health Information
Components of Identity Verification
How Identity Verification Works
Define the Link Between Identity Verification Process Configuration and Flow
Set Up Fields for Search and Verification
Create an Identity Verification Flow
Make the Identity Verification Flow Available to Agents
Use External Data for Identity Verification
Experience Cloud Sites
How Patient Experience Sites Work

Experience Cloud for Health Cloud FAQ

Enable Digital Experiences for Health Cloud
Which Objects are Available for Experience Cloud Users
Experience Cloud User System Permissions
Experience Cloud Setup Checklist
Enable Task Assignment for Site Users Created from Contacts
Use Health Cloud Empower Lightning Components
Release Your Patient or Member Experience Cloud Site as an App
Intelligent Appointment Management
Get Your Org Ready for Intelligent Appointment Management
Enable Intelligent Appointment Management
Configure Visit Types
Create Work Type Code Set Bundles for Scheduling
Create Care Specialty Records
Create Care Provider Facility Specialty Records
Link a Visit Type to a Care Specialty
Provide Appointment Statuses and Status Categories
Connect Healthcare Practitioners with Facilities
Add National Provider Identifiers
Set Up Reciprocal Roles and Relationships for Intelligent Appointment Management
Set Up Your BackEnd Scheduling System
Create Call Center Agent and Care Coordinator Users
Enable Care Coordinators to Schedule Appointments for Patients
Configure Intelligent Appointment Management Component
Show Assigned and Past Provider Badges
Enable Patients to Schedule Their Own Appointments
Appointment Guidance

Reduce Patient NoShows with CRM Analytics Prediction

Assign Admin Permission Sets for CRM Analytics Prediction

Grant Schedulers Access to Appointment Time Predictions
Grant the Integration User Access to Required Fields

Create a CRM Analytics App for Attendance Prediction

Examine Attendance Insights and Predictions

Identify the Prediction ID

Modify the Intelligent Appointment Management Configuration for Einstein Discovery
Update Appointment Prediction Model Records
Virtual Care
Get Your Org Ready for Virtual Care
Amazon Account Requirements
Virtual Care Availability by Country
Enable Video Calls
Connect Amazon to Salesforce
Configure External Video Service
Create a Named Credential for Virtual Care
Add Video Appointment Types

AWS Region Setting Guidelines for Health Cloud

Configure Video Visits
Enable Transcription of Video Visits
Add the Video Call Component to the App Utility Bar
Add Users to a MultiParticipant Call
Create a Flow to Add a Calendar File to an Appointment Email
Check Patient Location for Appointments
Virtual Care Self Service
Medication Management and Medication Review
RxNorm Terms and Information
Medication Review
Medication Management
Advanced Therapy Management
Learn About the Advanced Therapy Management Licenses
Create Profiles for Advanced Therapy Management Users
Create Internal and External Users for Advanced Therapy Management
Learn About MultiStep Scheduling
Learn About Therapy Orchestration
Intelligent Document Automation
Set Up Intelligent Document Automation Users for Health Cloud
Intelligent Document Automation on Experience Cloud Sites
Intelligent Document Reader
Intelligent Form Reader
Document Generation in Health Cloud
Manage Patient or Member Care to Improve Outcomes
Permissions Required for Care Plans
Create Roles for Care Team Members
Customize Care Team Roles
Remove the Care Team from Care Plan Creation
Multiple Care Plans
Enable Care Coordinators to Create Multiple Care Plans
Create Multiple Care Plan Record Types
Customize Problems and Goals
Care Gaps
Customize Tasks
Care Plan Templates Help Simplify Onboarding
Enable Users to Apply Care Plan Templates Faster
Supporting Clinical Data in Health Cloud

The Clinical Data Model and FHIR

Integrated Care Management
The Data Model
Discovery Framework
Enable the Feature

Define a PGI Library

Define Care Plan Templates
Get Your Org Ready to Use the Discovery Framework
Set Up Assessments and Recommendations
Add the FlexCard to a Page
Care Coordination for Slack
Types of Notifications in Care Coordination for Slack
Create and Assign a Care Coordination for Slack Permission Set to Users
Enable Care Coordination for Slack
Clone and Activate Flows for the Care Coordination for Slack App
Custom Notifications in Care Coordination for Slack
Create Critical Notifications Channels
Unified Health Scoring
Unified Health Scoring Data Model and Permissions
Integrate Data Cloud with Unified Health Scoring
Unified Health Profile
Define a Unified Health Profile
Configure the Unified Health Scoring Components
Customize Action Logs
Configure an Actions Timeline
Enable Knowledge Users
Create Article Types
Enable Salesforce Knowledge
Provide Assessments and Surveys for Gathering Information and Feedback
Assessments vs Surveys
Provide Assessments to Analyze a Patients Health
Get Your Org Ready to Use Assessments
Give Users Access to Assessments
Create an Assessment with Discovery Framework
Enable Assessment OmniScripts
Update an Existing Assessment for Patients to Complete on an Experience Cloud Site
Add the Assessment Component to the Patient Page
Set Up Assessments for an Experience Cloud Site
Give Guest Users Access to Assessments
Create an OmniStudio Permission Set and Assign it to Assessment Guest Users
Create a Sharing Rule for Assessment Guest Users
Customize the Assessment Envelope Email Template Flow
Configure Guest User Assessments
Provide Surveys for Gathering Feedback
Enable Surveys
Give Users Access to Health Cloud Surveys
Set Feedback Survey Permissions
Send Survey Invitations to Patients
Create Email Invitations for Surveys
Update Sharing Settings for Surveys
Crisis Support Center Management
Assign Permission Sets and Permission Set Licenses for Users
Enable Crisis Support Center Management

Set Up Open CTI for Crisis Support Center Management

Intake Flow and Engagement Interaction for Crisis Support Center Management
Enable and Configure Notes for Crisis Support Center Management
Enable Enhanced Timeline for Crisis Support Center Management App
Enable Provider Search for Crisis Support Center Management
Configure Bed Search for Crisis Support Center Management
Enable Users to Create Knowledge Articles for Crisis Support Center Management
Configure Assessments for Crisis Support Center Management
Action Launcher for Crisis Support Center Management
Manage Your Network of Providers
Get to Know Provider Network Management
Provider Network Management Permission Set
Provider Network Management for Site Users
Provider Network Management Data Model
How Provider Network Management Works
What Provider Network Management Includes
Social Determinants of Care
Grant Access to Records for Social Determinants
Customize Picklists and Fields for Social Determinants
Add the Care Determinants Component to a Record Page
Create Care Barrier Types
Create Care Determinant Types
Create Intervention Types
Manage Care Requests
Authorization Requests
Utilization Management Setup Checklist
Authorization Request Process Setup for Payers
Authorization Request Process Setup for Providers
Analytics for Utilization Management
Verify Patient Benefits
Check Requirements for Benefit Verification
Set up Data for Benefit Verification
Connect to a Benefit Verification Service
Configure Care Limit Requests
Show Benefit Verification in the Console
Support Emergency Response Management and Contact Tracing
Contact Tracing for Employees
Contact Tracing for Public Health
Use Care Programs to Track and Manage Cohorts of Patients and Members
Map External Program Enrollment Fields to Health Cloud
Manage Care Program Enrollment Flows
Register and Ship Devices for Care Programs
Remote Monitoring Patients
Set Up Remote Monitoring in Health Cloud
Map External Fields to Health Cloud for Remote Monitoring
Register and Ship Remote Monitoring Devices
Set Up Care Observation Triggers
Install the Claims Data Model
Connect to Claims Data
Map Claims Data to Your Source System
Display Claims Data
Automate Key User Tasks with Flows
Install the Flows Package
Create a Service Case Record Type
Create a Quick Action to Launch the Flow
Launch the Flow from the Health Cloud Console
Health Cloud Flows
Set up Action Plans
Manage Campaigns
Show Campaigns in the Timeline and Patient Card
Create a Campaign
Add a Care Program Campaign
Configure Referral Management
Create an Approval Process
Schedule an Apex Job To Calculate Referral Scores
Create a Trigger to Maintain Lead Visibility

CRM Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Deploy CRM Analytics

Set Up Artificial Intelligence Use Cases
Manage Commercial Excellence
Manage Inventories Surgical Cases and Cycle Counts with Intelligent Sales
Visit Types in Intelligent Sales
User Personas for Intelligent Sales
The Intelligent Sales Data Model
Enable Intelligent Sales
Assign Permission Sets for Intelligent Sales
Set Up Visit and Inventory Access
External Data Sources for Expected Quantity in Cycle Counts
Configure the Page Layouts for Product Transfer and Product
Set Up Data for Intelligent Sales
Intelligent Sales Sample Flows for Field Inventory Management
Mobile Users
Install the Health Cloud Package Extension for Field Service
Set Up Field Service Flows for Health Cloud
Enhanced Timeline
How Enhanced Timeline Works
Set Up an Enhanced Timeline
Add Enhanced Timeline to a Page
Add Enhanced Timeline to a Site
Actionable Relationship Center in Health Cloud
Set Up the Actionable Relationship Center in Health Cloud
Create a Patient Relationship Graph from a Template
Create a Practitioner Relationship Graph Using a Template