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Salesforce Health Cloud Impl Guide

Salesforce Health Cloud Impl Guide


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Administer Health Cloud
How Health Cloud Uses Data
The Health Cloud Data Model
Set Up Health Cloud
Install Health Cloud Packages
Customize the Name of Your Health Cloud Organization
Set up Person Accounts to Represent Health Cloud Members and Patients
Representing People With The Individual Data Model
Add Health Cloud Users
Configure Health Cloud Profiles
Assign Health Cloud Permission Set Licenses
Assign or Unassign the Health Cloud Permission Set License to Many Users
Review and Assign Health Cloud Permission Sets
Set Field Access
Protect Your Health Data with Salesforce Shield
Control Access to Patient or Member Lists
Create Roles for Care Team Members
Use Custom Metadata Settings to Configure Health Cloud
Customize Health Cloud Labels
Use the Admin App
Switch to Lightning
Customize the Console
Display Information About a Patient or Member
Customize Problems and Goals
Customize Tasks
Customize the Create External Member Fields
Refine the Householding Map for Care Coordinators
Allow Domains for Health Cloud Console
Customize the Timeline View
Customize Care Team Roles
Show Data Sources with Custom Icons
Translate Health Cloud Labels
Import Diagnosis and Procedure Codes
Health Cloud Apps
Provide Dashboards
Provide Referral Management Reports
Import Patients
Map Your Custom Lead Fields
Manage the Conversion of Lead Record Types
Customize the Leads List View for Patient Conversion
Use Process Builder to Convert Leads to Patients
How Patient Experience Sites Work
Enable Salesforce Digital Experiences
Which Objects are Available for Experience Cloud Users
Experience Cloud User System Permissions
Experience Cloud Setup Checklist
Enable Task Assignment for Site Users Created from Contacts
Use Health Cloud Empower Lightning Components
Release Your Patient or Member Experience Cloud Site as an App
Care Plans
Permissions Required for Care Plans
Remove the Care Team from Care Plan Creation
Enable Care Coordinators to Create Concurrent Care Plans
Create Multiple Care Plan Record Types
Create a Care Plan Template
Import Care Plan Templates
Enable Users to Apply Care Plan Templates Faster
Manage Provider Relationships
Create Provider Relationship Cards
Support Provider Search
Associate a Healthcare Professional with a Care Program Provider
Set Up Intelligent Document Automation
Intelligent Form Reader
Enable Knowledge Users
Create Article Types
Enable Salesforce Knowledge
Care Gaps
Manage Life Events
Create Event Types
Deactivate or Activate Event Types
Capture OnceinaLifetime Events with Unique Event Types
Personalize Life Events with Custom Icons
Choose the Life Event Details to Show on Hover
Hide Sensitive Life Event Types
Provide Assessments for Gathering Information
Enable Assessments
Set Survey Permissions
Set Up Survey Invitations
Create Email Invitations for Assessments
Update Sharing Settings for Assessments
Care Requests
Utilization Management Setup Checklist
Configure and Customize Care Requests
Get a Head Start on Enabling Care Requests with the Care Request Lightning Page
Support Emergency Response Management and Contact Tracing
Contact Tracing for Employees
Contact Tracing for Public Health
Life Sciences Program Management
Map External Program Enrollment Fields to Health Cloud
Manage Care Program Enrollment Flows
Register Devices or Create Shipping Requests
Remote Monitoring Patients
Set Up Remote Monitoring
Map External Fields to Health Cloud for Remote Monitoring
Register Devices or Create Shipping Requests
Install the Claims Data Model
Connect to Claims Data
Map Claims Data to Your Source System
Display Claims Data
Automate Key User Tasks with Flows
Install the Flows Package
Create a Service Case Record Type
Create a Quick Action to Launch the Flow
Launch the Flow from the Health Cloud Console
Social Determinants
Set Up Social Determinants
Care Determinants Component
Create Intervention Types
Referral Management
Set Up Referral Management
Create an Approval Process
Calculate Referral Scores
Create a Trigger to Maintain Lead Visibility
Deploy Einstein Analytics
Set Up Your Org for Analytics for Healthcare and Create the App
Manage Patient Risk with Analytics for Health Cloud Risk Stratification
Manage Device Sales
Set Up Intelligent Sales
The Intelligent Sales Data Model
Enable Intelligent Sales
Assign Permission Sets for Intelligent Sales
Set Up Visit and Inventory Access
Configure the Product Transfer Page Layout
Set Up Data for Intelligent Sales
Mobile Users
Install the Health Cloud Package Extension for Field Service
Set Up Field Service Flows for Health Cloud
Error Messages