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Salesforce Leads Cheatsheet

Salesforce Leads Cheatsheet


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Assigning Leads

A lead is a prospect or

potential opportunity As an
administrator you can
import leads from a file or
set up WebtoLead to create
leads from your companys

You can automatically assign imported or Webgenerated leads to users or queues using lead assignment
rules based on region product or other lead criteria To get started with lead assignment rules

Lead Queues

Use lead queues to
manage lead distribution
Create queues for
different teams and
assign different reps as
members of each queue
Queue members can
take ownership of leads
that are in queues of
which they are a

From Setup enter Assignment Rules in the Quick Find box then select Lead Assignment
To set rules and rule entries
Create one rule for each lead creation method for example WebtoLead and lead import may
require two separate rules
Within each rule create separate rule entries for each assignment criteria such as product region

or area of expertise For example the lead import rule can have entries for State equals CA WA

and State equals AZ NM

Only one rule can be active at a time Select Set this as the active lead
assignment rule for the rule you want to enabled
Instruct your users to select Assign Lead using active Assignment Rule when
entering a new lead manually or the active assignment rule will not be applied
To change lead owners
To change the owner of a single lead click Change next to the Lead Owner field on the lead
detail page
To change the lead owner for multiple leads view a lead list view select the boxes next to the leads
and click Change Owner
You can also transfer ownership of multiple leads From Setup enter Mass Transfer Records
in the Quick Find box select Mass Transfer Records and then click Transfer Leads

You can capture leads directly from your website using WebtoLead With WebtoLead you can capture
up to leads per day To increase this limit contact Salesforce To get started with WebtoLead
From Setup enter Lead Settings in the Quick Find box then select Lead Settings then
click Edit
Set the Default Lead Owner and select the checkbox to notify the default lead owner
automatically when a lead is assigned to him or her The default lead owner is the owner of any leads
that are not autoassigned by lead assignment rules
From Setup enter WebtoLead in the Quick Find box then select WebtoLead then click
Enable WebtoLead for your organization
Create WebtoLead email autoresponse rules to determine which emails to send to prospects when
they submit information online

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Tips for Lead Administrators

Importing Leads

Specify the Default Lead Creator who will be listed as the creator of leads captured online
then click Save

Click Create WebtoLead Form select the fields to include in the form and specify a URL that users

will be taken to after submitting the form

Click Generate then copy the generated HTML code and send it to your corporate webmaster Your

webmaster can customize it for your site but should not change any of the form elements

Importing Leads
Custom Fields and

Set up custom fields for
imported data that does
not match standard
Create custom fields for
nonstandard fields to be
filled in with WebtoLead
When converting leads
you can map custom
lead fields to custom
fields in opportunities
contacts or accounts

Administrators and users with the Import Leads permission can import a file of up to leads via
the Data Import Wizard in Setup Individual users can create but not import leads To import leads
Follow the onscreen instructions to export your data from its current source and label each column
in the file with the correct field name

A lead assignment rule can automatically assign leads to users or queues based on values in lead

fields Alternatively a Record Owner field in the import file can determine lead ownership for
each imported lead
Without a lead assignment rule or Record Owner field imported leads are automatically assigned
to the administrator doing the import
The Import Queue shows the status of the import You will be notified by email when your import is
completeit may take up to hours
Marketing users with the Marketing User profile can also import new leads by selecting Add Members
Import File from the Manage Members dropdown button on a campaign detail page