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Salesforce Mailmerge Upload Guidelines

Salesforce Mailmerge Upload Guidelines


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This document provides guidelines you should read before uploading a mail merge template to Salesforce If you encounter any errors
or problems check these guidelines again to make sure your template meets all requirements

About Mail Merge Templates

A mail merge is the process of generating form letters and other Microsoft Word documents that are personalized for the recipient

who is often a contact or lead The content of each document is predefined in a mail merge template Mail merge templates include
variables called merge fields where data from your Salesforce recordsfor example a contacts name and addressdisplays in the
generated document

Use Only Valid Merge Fields
Your mail merge template must contain only valid mail merge fields If any of the following guidelines are not met you may not be able
to upload your template
Although Salesforce works with templates that do not have any merge fields make sure the template contains at least one valid
mail merge field
The mail merge fields can contain only letters numbers and the underscore character
The mail merge field name cannot be blank
The mail merge field name should not exceed characters
When creating mail merge fields for your custom fields
Prefix the field label with the type of record For example AccountMarketCap for an account field named MarketCap

Convert all spaces to underscores For example a custom opportunity field named Product ID becomes


Examples of valid merge fields include
Examples of invalid merge fields include
Opportunity Custom Field Uses spaces
LeadProductInterest Uses characters other than letters numbers and underscores
CaseNumber Uses characters other than letters numbers and underscores
AccountDate Ends in an underscore

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Guidelines for Uploading Mail Merge Templates

Microsoft Word Documents You Can Use

Microsoft Word Documents You Can Use
The mail merge document you use as a template should be a Microsoft Word document doc or docx and it should not refer to
an outside data source For instructions on how to verify that youre using a Word document refer to your Microsoft Word documentation

Remove Document Security Features
If your mail merge document is protected or requires a password for users to open it we recommend removing these security features
before uploading the document to Salesforce
Protecting a Word document limits the changes other users can make to the document until you unprotect it Depending on the type
of protection enabled on your document other users may only be able to change text with revision marks insert comments only or
insert specific form fields For example if you use a mail merge template and all the merged fields display in a different color or underlined
text you may be using a mail merge template protected to track changes
You can upload and use your passwordprotected Microsoft Word documents and templates for mail merge but users must have the
password to be able to open them For this reason we recommend removing document passwords
To unprotect your document and remove passwords from it refer to your Microsoft Word documentation

Remove VBA Code

Your mail merge template can contain Visual Basic for Application VBA code modules but for best results remove VBA code from your

mail merge templates Also make sure you do not have a protected code module attached to your template To remove VBA code and

verify that you dont have a protected code module attached refer to your Microsoft Word documentation