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Salesforce Massdelete Undoimport

Salesforce Massdelete Undoimport


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Undo Imports with Mass Delete

If you or another user
imported records incorrectly
into Salesforce you can use
the mass delete feature to
remove these records

To remove account or contact records that were imported we recommend that you mass delete accounts
first This will also delete all new contacts associated with those accounts You can then mass delete the
newly imported contacts not associated with a new account

Consider the following when using mass delete
Only administrators and users with the Modify All Data permission can mass delete records
You can only mass delete contacts accounts leads and solutions that were added during import
Existing records that were merely updated during import will not be deleted or cleaned up
Mass delete does not remove notes that were added to existing records during import
Undoing an import with Mass Delete is based on the creation time of the new records and the alias
of the user who did the import Because of this Mass Delete may also find records that were created
manually by that same user during the same time period
You can only mass delete records at a time For larger imports you can run multiple batches for
the same type of record

Find out the beginning and ending times for the import that you want to delete To do this find a
record that was created during the import and has not been modified since that time Get the time

and date in the Created By field for example PM Subtract a minute or two to get the

beginning import time and add a minute or two to get the ending import time There is no way to
get the exact times If the beginning and ending import times are the same for instance with a small
import subtract a minute from the beginning time and add a minute to the ending time
From Setup enter Mass Delete Records in the Quick Find box then select Mass Delete
Records and then select the appropriate record type For accountcontact imports remember to
mass delete accounts first
Enter the search criteria based on the beginning and ending import times and the alias of the user
who did the import For example

Create Date greater than PM

Create Date less than PM

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Using Mass Delete to Undo Imports


Review the matching records carefully before choosing to delete them
All deleted records are transferred to the Recycle Bin If you make a mistake simply undelete the record
from the Recycle Bin