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Salesforce Migration Guide

Salesforce Migration Guide


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Chapter Ant Migration Tool
Chapter Installing the Ant Migration Tool
Prerequisites for Using the Ant Migration Tool
Install the Ant Migration Tool
Chapter Using the Ant Migration Tool
Entering Salesforce Connection Information
Constructing a Project Manifest
Specifying Named Components
Specifying all Components of a Type
Specifying Standard Objects
Getting Information About Metadata Types
Describing Metadata Types
Listing Components for a Metadata Type
Creating Retrieve Targets
Retrieving Unpackaged Components
Retrieving Managed or Unmanaged Packages
Retrieving Components in Bulk
Retrieving Metadata from a Salesforce Organization
Editing Metadata
Deleting Files from an Organization
Deploying Changes to a Salesforce Org
Deploying Components
Deploying Code
Deploying a Recent Validation
Running Tests in a Deployment
Running a Subset of Tests in a Deployment
Run the Same Tests in Sandbox and Production Deployments
Canceling a Deployment
Checking the Status of a Task
Chapter Common Migration Issues