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Salesforce Mobile User Guide For Iphone

Salesforce Mobile User Guide For Iphone


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Chapter What is Salesforce Mobile Classic
About this Guide
Salesforce Mobile Classic Requirements
Additional Resources
iPhone Disclaimer
Chapter Getting Started
Installing Salesforce Mobile Classic
Setting Your Passcode
Your Mobile Data
Mobile Tabs
Mobile Objects
Mobile Records
Displaying Data
Displaying Visualforce and Web Tabs
Customizing Tabs
Selecting Views
Using Your Calendar
Chapter Working with Records
Managing Records
Viewing Records
Viewing Related Items
Editing Records
Creating Records
Deleting Records
Reassigning Records
Cloning Records
Using Notes
Converting Leads
Choosing a Price Book for an Opportunity
Using iPhone Features with Salesforce Mobile Classic
Making Calls
Sending Email
Mapping Addresses
Opening Web Pages
Chapter Working with Dashboards
Displaying Dashboards
Refreshing Dashboards

Chapter Using Salesforce CRM Content in Salesforce Mobile Classic

Viewing Content Details
Previewing Content
Delivering Content
Chapter Managing the Application
Editing Salesforce Settings
Application Information
View Application Details
Log Out
Synchronize Data
Clear Searched Records
Clear Recent Items
Erase Data
Send Support Logs
Upgrading Salesforce Mobile Classic