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Salesforce Office Edition Cheatsheet

Salesforce Office Edition Cheatsheet


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Lightning Platform Connect
for Office provides addins
for Microsoft Excel and
Word In Excel you can
access Salesforce reports
and in Word you can create
mail merge templates for
use with Salesforce

Lightning Platform Connect for Office
Installing Connect for Office
Important The Microsoft Excel AddOn the Microsoft Word AddOn and the standard Mail
Merge feature will be retired in February If your sales reps still use these features check out
the linked product retirement articles for more details
Close all Microsoft Office programs including Word Excel and Outlook
From your personal settings enter Office in the Quick Find box then select Connect for

System Requirements
The system requirements for
Connect for Office are

Microsoft Excel to
use the Excel addin
The Word addin is not
supported for Microsoft
Microsoft Windows
Vista bit only Until

Salesforce disables TLS

Click Install Now
Click Yes when prompted to install Connect for Office We recommend that you accept the default
installation folder suggested by the installer
After the installation completes open Word or Excel and look for the new toolbar that contains a
Salesforce dropdown menu
When opening Word you may be prompted to enable macros from Salesforce Please enable the
macros and always accept Salesforce as a macro publisher The Connect for Office Word addin works
only if the macros are enabled
The Connect for Office installer edits the Microsoft Windows registry on your computer If you have

insufficient privileges to edit your computers registry contact your IT department

About the Excel AddIn
Before Importing
You may need to create a
custom report depending on
the data set you want to
import into Excel

The Connect for Office Excel addin integrates Salesforce reports with Excel You can
Import Salesforce data into Excel and apply formulas and formatting

Combine different data sets using Excels VLOOKUP function

Refresh data in Excel with information from Salesforce
Build dashboards using Excel pivot tables and charts
Note When importing a report to Excel you can export up to columns and rows of
data at one time

Using the Excel AddIn
Begin by clicking Log In from the Salesforce dropdown menu and entering your Salesforce username
and password Then choose a command
Import Existing Reports
In the dialog box select a report from the list

Last updated March

Using Forcecom Connect for Office

Maintaining Excel Formatting

Specify the worksheet where the report data will be imported
Choose Raw Data to import the data without formatting subtotals or grand totals Choose
Formatted to keep the colors fonts subtotals and grand totals from the Salesforce report

Click OK

Save the Excel worksheet
Refresh Existing Reports
In the dialog box select the Salesforce reports you want to reimport to Excel
Optionally select Update Pivot Tables to update any pivot tables you have created in Excel with
new reimported data
Click Refresh Selected
Refresh All Reports
Refreshes all Excel worksheets to which Salesforce reports have been imported including pivot

Maintaining Excel Formatting
To ensure that your Excel columns and formatting are not altered during a refresh do the following
Import formatted data into Sheet Then define formulas on Sheet that reference Sheet For example
the value in Sheet cell b is sheetb
Then format Sheet as needed
When you refresh new data goes into Sheet The referenced values and formulas in Sheet do not
lose formatting
However the copy in Sheet can break if the format of the raw data changes For example changes
in the report criteria would change the number of report rows or columns

Excel AddIn Tips
Writing Formulas
Select entire columns when writing formulas because the number of rows may change when you
refresh report data


Link data across reports using Excels VLOOKUP function

Combine results from different data sets using VLOOKUP

VLOOKUP may make report record IDs caseinsensitive

For information about VLOOKUP search for VLOOKUP function in Excels Help

Using Record ID Fields

When using a records character ID field with the VLOOKUP function use the ID field plus a

unique itemfor example ID Email on contacts

Doublecheck ID fields because they are casesensitive

Importing Reports

Using Forcecom Connect for Office

About the Word AddIn

Use the Raw Data option to retrieve data only
Use the Formatted option to keep Excel files small
Avoid renaming worksheets that contain imported reports
Refreshing Pivot Tables
Refresh pivot tables often to ensure your data is uptodate
Link data from Excel into Word or other Office applications
Distribute Excel files using the Documents tab

About the Word AddIn
The Connect for Office Word addin helps you create mail merge templates in Word for use with the mail
merge utility in Salesforce You can
Create professional documents that incorporate your Salesforce data
Access a complete list of valid Salesforce merge fields
Merge updated Salesforce data into your documents with a single click
Quickly generate personalized proposals quotes and letters
Add a table of opportunity products to a proposal

Using the Word AddIn
Open Microsoft Word
Select Log In from the Salesforce dropdown menu on the toolbar Word users first go to the
Salesforce tab on the Ribbon and then click Log In from the Merge Fields dropdown button
Enter your Salesforce username and password
Click Login
Create your mail merge template from an existing or blank Word document
Place your cursor where you want to insert a Salesforce merge field To replace an existing merge
field select the entire merge field
Select Insert Merge Field from the Salesforce dropdown menu Word users first go to the
Salesforce tab on the Ribbon and then click Insert Merge Field from the Merge Fields dropdown
In the Insert Merge Fields dialog box select the type of field and then select the merge field you want
to insert
Click Insert to insert the merge field
When your mail merge template is complete upload it to Salesforce from Setup by entering Mail
Merge Templates in the Quick Find box then selecting Mail Merge Templates

Working With Opportunity Products
To add opportunity product data to your template

Using Forcecom Connect for Office

Working With Opportunity Products

Select Opportunity Line Item Fields and choose the fields to insert This inserts a table with the
selected merge fields and the special start and end fields
Modify this table as needed but the start field must be before all opportunity product merge fields
and the end field must be after all opportunity product merge fields These start and end fields
trigger Salesforce to list all of the products on the opportunity