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Salesforce Packaging Guide

Salesforce Packaging Guide


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Chapter ISVforce Guide Build and Distribute AppExchange Solutions
Get Ready to Distribute on AppExchange
Join the Salesforce Partner Community
Verify Access to Your Salesforce Partner Business Org
Request a Salesforce Partner Business Org
Navigate Learning Resources for Salesforce Partners
Use Managed Packages to Develop Your AppExchange Solution
FirstGeneration Managed Packages
Design Your AppExchange Solution
Security Requirements for AppExchange Partners and Solutions
Architectural Considerations for Group and Professional Editions
Pass the AppExchange Security Review
AppExchange Security Review
How Does AppExchange Security Review Work
Partner Security Portal
Test Your Entire Solution
False Positives
Security Review Resources
Publish Your Solution on AppExchange
What Is AppExchange
Business Plans for AppExchange Listings
Submit a Due Diligence and Compliance Certification
Publish on AppExchange
How Does AppExchange Search Work
Email Notifications
Collect AppExchange Leads
Analytics Reports for Publishers
Update the Package in Your AppExchange Listing

AppExchange FAQ

Sell on AppExchange with Checkout
AppExchange Checkout
Checkout Management App
Monitor Performance with Analytics for AppExchange Partners
Measure Listing Performance with AppExchange Marketplace Analytics
AppExchange App Analytics
Report Orders to Salesforce with the Channel Order App
Channel Order App
Set Up the Channel Order App
Upgrade the Channel Order App
Manage Orders in the Channel Order App

Channel Order Apex API

Manage Licenses for Managed Packages
Get Started with the License Management App
Lead and License Records in the License Management App
Modify a License Record
Refresh Licenses for a Managed Package
Extending the License Management App
Move the License Management App to Another Salesforce Org
Troubleshoot the License Management App
Best Practices for the License Management App
Troubleshoot Subscriber Issues
Manage Features in FirstGeneration Managed Packages
Feature Parameter Metadata Types and Custom Objects
Set Up Feature Parameters
Use LMOtoSubscriber Feature Parameters to Enable and Disable Features

Track Preferences and Activation Metrics with SubscribertoLMO Feature Parameters

Hide Custom Objects and Custom Permissions in Your Subscribers Orgs
Best Practices for Feature Management
Considerations for Feature Management
Partner Licensing Platform Developer Preview
Provide a Free Trial of Your AppExchange Solution
Why Use Trialforce
Set Up Trialforce
Provide a Free Trial on the AppExchange
Provide Free Trials on Your Website
Update Your Trial
Trialforce Best Practices

Trialforce FAQ

User License Guides for Salesforce Partners
ISVforce User License Comparison

OEM User License Guide