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Salesforce Platform Encryption Implementation Guide

Salesforce Platform Encryption Implementation Guide


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Strengthen Your Datas Security with Shield Platform Encryption
What You Can Encrypt

Which Standard Fields Can I Encrypt

Which Custom Fields Can I Encrypt

Which Files Are Encrypted

What Other Data Elements Can I Encrypt

How Encryption Works
Classic vs Platform Encryption
Shield Encryption Flow
Search Index Encryption Flow
Why Bring Your Own Key
Masked Data
Shield Platform Encryption in Hyperforce
Set Up Your Encryption Policy
Required Permissions
Generate a Tenant Secret with Salesforce
Manage Tenant Secrets by Type
Encrypt New Data in Standard Fields
Encrypt Fields on Custom Objects and Custom Fields
Encrypt Files
Encrypt Data in Chatter
Encrypt Search Index Files

Encrypt CRM Analytics Data

Encrypt Event Bus Data
Fix Blockers
Stop Encryption
Filter Encrypted Data with Deterministic Encryption
How Deterministic Encryption Supports Filtering
Encrypt Data with the Deterministic Encryption Scheme
Key Management and Rotation
Work with Key Material
Rotate Keys
Back Up Your Tenant Secrets
Get Statistics About Your Encryption Coverage
Synchronize Your Data Encryption
Destroy a Key
Require MultiFactor Authentication for Key Management

Bring Your Own Key BYOK

CacheOnly Key Service
Shield Platform Encryption Customizations
Apply Encryption to Fields Used in Matching Rules
Retrieve Encrypted Data with Formulas
Encryption TradeOffs
Encryption Best Practices
General TradeOffs
Considerations for Using Deterministic Encryption
Lightning TradeOffs
Field Limits
App TradeOffs