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Salesforce Products Cheatsheet

Salesforce Products Cheatsheet


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Use price books and
schedules to help you track
product shipping payments
and revenue

A product is any item or service your organization sells Products are defined in a price book and can be

added to opportunities
Products are available through a related list on the Opportunities tab
Use custom product fields and the Product Family picklist to categorize your products For
example if your company sells a product like software that requires installation services create two
picklist values in the Product Family picklist Software and Installation Then use a filter criteria
such as Product Family equals Software to quickly display all your software products

Price Books

A price book is a list of products that your organization sells Create a price book for mutually exclusive

products ones that will never exist on the same opportunity
To create a price book click New on the Price Books home page See Creating Price Books
Create a custom list view to filter the list of products you see in a price book
An opportunity can only contain one price book
Many companies need only one price book
Although an opportunity can be for a single currency the price book associated with it can contain
prices for a product in many different currencies
Users can select products from a single price book on each opportunity Each product in a price book
can have a schedule

Changing Default
Users can change default
schedules for any product on
an opportunity If you change
a default schedule for a
product opportunities that
already contain the product
are not affected

Schedules define the payment and delivery cycles for products

A quantity schedule outlines the dates number of units ie quantity and number of installments

for billing or shipping a product

A revenue schedule outlines the dates revenue amounts and number of installments for billing or

recognizing revenue from a product

A default schedule contains the standard payment and delivery cycles for a product If all your customers

make payments on the same timetable or you deliver products on a regular schedule consider creating
default schedules for your products If your users typically customize schedules then default schedules
may not help you
Create a default quantity schedule if your customers pay all at once but receive the product in
increments For example if you sell magazine subscriptions that you bill annually but deliver monthly
use a default quantity schedule

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Tips for Products Price Books Schedules

Setting up Products and Schedules

Create a default revenue schedule if your customers make payments but receive the product all at
once For example if you sell customized products that are charged in installments but are delivered
once create a default revenue schedule
Create both default quantity schedules and default revenue schedules if your customers receive their
product in regular increments and pay for it at regular intervals For example if you sell wine of the
month subscriptions create a default quantity schedule to deliver the product monthly and a default
revenue schedule to charge customers monthly quarterly or annually
Note If a product has both a default quantity and revenue schedule Salesforce calculates the
quantity schedule first The quantity schedule determines the total product revenue which is
used to determine the revenue schedule

Setting up Products and Schedules
Before you begin enable your organization to use products and schedules
From Setup enter Product Schedule Settings in the Quick Find box then select
Product Schedule Settings
Select Quantity Schedules to track number of units dates and installments for product
Select Revenue Schedules to track the amounts dates and number of installments for product
Select Enable scheduling for all products to activate the schedule type on
all existing products in your price books
Click Save
Tip Create different products for different payment plans such as monthly or daily

Setting Up Default Schedules

To set up a default quantity schedule for a monthly magazine subscription
Select the product that you want to assign a default schedule to

Number of Installments
is the total number of
deliveries per order

Click Edit in the Standard Price area

Installment Period is the
frequency of delivery

Click Edit in the product detail area

Schedule Type specifies
how the Default Unit
Price is handled

Choose Repeat Amount for each installment as the Quantity Schedule Type under Default
Quantity Schedule

See Add and Edit Product

Enter the amount of a single magazine in the Standard Price and click Save

Choose Monthly as the Quantity Installment Period
Enter for the Number of Installments and click Save
To customize a schedule for a product without a default schedule click Establish from the
product detail on the opportunity

Tips for Products Price Books Schedules

Setting Up Default Schedules

To customize a schedule for a product that has a default schedule click ReEstablish from the
product detail on the opportunity If you do not see an Establish button your organization may
not have schedules enabled