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Salesforce Reports Enhanced Reports Tab Tipsheet

Salesforce Reports Enhanced Reports Tab Tipsheet


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The Reports tab makes it
easier to find organize and
manage both your reports
and dashboards in one

Reports Tab
The Reports tab is the central hub for Salesforce Reports and Dashboards
The tab supports accessibility mode You can use it without enabling the Salesforce Classic user
interface theme If you dont see a feature described here check that youre using a supported browser
For more information search Supported Browsers and Devices in Salesforce Help
You can
Create reports or dashboards
Access standard reports
Organize and share items in folders
Move items between folders
Customize the list view
Search and filter items
Manage reports and dashboards
Schedule and follow items

Create reports or dashboards
Create a new report or dashboard by clicking New Report or New Dashboard To learn more search
these topics in the online help
Note This release is in preview Features described in this document dont become generally available until the
latest general availability date that Salesforce announces for this release Before then and where features are
noted as beta pilot or developer preview we cant guarantee general availability within any particular time
frame or at all Make your purchase decisions only on the basis of generally available products and features

Last updated April

Using the Reports Tab

Reports Tab

Create a Report
Build a Salesforce Classic Dashboard

Access standard reports
Several standard reports akin to templates are available on the Reports tab Theyre accessible from the
Folders pane You can use these reports asis or customize them to fit your business needs For example
standard reports in the Account and Contacts Reports folder can be used to gather information
about accounts and contacts in your Salesforce organization To learn more search for Standard Report
Types in the online help

Organize and share items in folders
Reports and dashboards are stored and shared through report or dashboard folders From the Folders
pane click
to create a report or dashboard folder The Folders pane lists all folders including default
ones such as Unfiled Public Reports My Personal Custom Reports My Personal Dashboards
among other standard report folders Unfiled Public Reports contains reports created by administrators
that are shared with everyone in the Salesforce organization My Personal Custom Reports and My Personal
Dashboards contain reports and dashboards that are private to you
to edit the folders name delete or change its sharing if youve permission to do so To learn
more search for Managing Folders in the online help

Search and filter items
On the Reports tab search for reports or dashboards in all folders You can search by Name Description
Last Modified By or Created By fields To refine results filter sort or search within a selected folder
To learn more see Search for Reports and Dashboards from the Reports Tab in Salesforce Classic in the
online help

Move items between folders
Move a report or dashboard between folders by dragging from the list view to a report or dashboard
folder on the Folders pane You can drag one item at a time You cant move items from installed
AppExchange packages or standard report folders into other folders To learn more search for Move a
Report or Dashboard Between Folders in Salesforce Classic in the online help

Customize the list view
Resize hide reorder sort columns and select the number of records to display in your list view To
learn more search for Get the Information You Need From the Reports Tab List View in Salesforce Classic
in the online help

Manage reports and dashboards
Click a report or dashboard in the list view to view it Depending on your access level you can click
under the Action column to edit or delete a report or dashboard Select

and then Export to get report

Using the Reports Tab

Reports Tab

data into an Excel spreadsheet or CSV commaseparated values format To learn more search these

topics in the online help
Build a Report in Salesforce Classic
Delete a Report
Export a Report

Schedule and follow items
In the reports tab you can follow your favorite reports and dashboards and also see scheduled refreshes
You must enable Chatter feed tracking for reports and dashboards before being able to follow items
from the list view Scheduled reports and scheduled dashboard refreshes are identified by the
when hovered over indicates the next scheduled refresh To learn more search these topics in the online
Schedule a Report for Refresh
Schedule a Dashboard Refresh in Salesforce Classic
Customize Chatter Feed Tracking