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Salesforce Reports Schedule Cheatsheet

Salesforce Reports Schedule Cheatsheet


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FAQ Scheduling Reports

Here are commonly asked questions about scheduling reports
Why schedule reports

How do I set up a report schedule

How do I email report results to users

How do schedule times and time zones affect a schedule

What should I know about the running user

How do I view a reports schedule

How do I delete a report schedule

What are limits for scheduling reports

What else should I know about scheduling reports

Why schedule reports
Quick Video
Tips for Scheduling
Reports Salesforce Classic

As a business user you often access the same reports For example a sales user may look at a report of
closed opportunities each month to keep her on track for achieving quarterly sales goals Since data is a
key driver in decisionmaking you obviously care about seeing the latest report data Scheduling a report
lets you do three things
Get the latest report data without having to run the report
Schedule a report to run automatically at regular intervals You can schedule a report daily weekly
or monthly

Email report results in HTML format

How do I set up a report schedule

To set up a report schedule click Schedule Future Runs from the Run Report dropdown on a reports
run page For more information see Schedule a Report for Refresh in the online help

User Permission
Users with the Schedule
Reports permission can
schedule reports

Figure shows the Schedule Report page for a report scheduled to run as Chet Callaghan the Sales
Director every Friday at midnight Users receiving the emailed report see what Chet can see In this
case the report results are emailed to a public group called All Internal Users and a user Allison Wheeler
The report is timed to start running on the current date and this schedule is saved without saving
prior changes made to the report

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Scheduling Reports

FAQ Scheduling Reports

Schedule Report Page

How do I email report results to users

On the Schedule report page you can choose to email the report to yourself or include others under the
Email Report setting Consider the following when adding users
You can email the report to users inside your organization For more information see Edit Users in
the online help
Portal users receive emailed reports if the option Allow Reports and Dashboards to Be Sent to Portal
Users is enabled For more information see Customize Report and Dashboard Email Notifications
in the online help
You can only add those users who have access to the report folder
For example lets say a report folder is shared with a public group named Sales Users You can only select
this specific group to receive the results by email for that scheduled report You cant select individual
users in this example On the other hand if you made the report folder available to All Users you are able
to individually add users

Scheduling Reports

Avoid Poorly
Formatted Report
You can move a text column
in between two number
columns to avoid sending
emails that are hard to read

FAQ Scheduling Reports

How do schedule times and time zones affect a schedule
Consider the following when setting a reports schedule
We recommend that reports be scheduled during offpeak hours for performance reasons Typically

offpeak hours are between PM and AM local time

Scheduled reports run in the time zone of the user who set up the schedule If you view and save a
schedule in a time zone different from the one in which it was previously scheduled the time slot
could change

A scheduled report is run and emailed within minutes of its preferred start time

For example if the Time Zone field on your user record is set to Pacific Standard Time and you schedule

a report to run every day at PM then the report runs every day between PM and PM Pacific

Standard Time

What should I know about the running user

The Running User on the schedule report page determines the data others see when viewing report
results Regardless of user permissions because of the running user specified users including portal users
can bypass security settings and access report data they might not be able to see otherwise For example
as shown in Figure users selected to receive report results by emailboth users in the public group

called All Internal Users and Allison Wheelersee the same data as Chet Callaghan the running user A

few things to note about the running user
For reports to run as scheduled the user in the Running User field must have access to the folder
where the report is stored
If the running user becomes inactive for instance the user is no longer in the organization the report
isnt run at the next schedule and users dont get an email of the latest report data Instead the system
administrator is notified by email to either activate the user delete the report schedule or change
the running user to an active one in the scheduled report
When portal users receive emailed reports they see the same data as the running user set in the report
schedule If you have information youd rather not share schedule the report to run with a portal user
as the running user

How do I view a reports schedule

Apart from the Schedule Report page

You can see the reports schedule on the Reports tabhover over
in the schedule
Users without the Schedule Reports permission cant see the icon and information


To see all scheduled reports for your organization from Setup enter Scheduled Jobs in the
Quick Find box then select Scheduled Jobs Only users with the View Setup and Configuration
permission can view this information

How do I delete a report schedule

Click Schedule Future Runs from the Run Report dropdown on a reports run page Then click
Unschedule Report The schedule is canceled and not sent to the Recycle Bin

Scheduling Reports

FAQ Scheduling Reports

What are limits for scheduling reports
An organization is limited to scheduled reports Daily limits differ by edition See Salesforce Limits in
the online help for more information

Expand Limits
Additional scheduled reports
may be available for
purchase Contact your
Salesforce representative for

What else should I know about scheduling reports

Additionally keep these tips in mind when scheduling a report
Scheduled reports are not tracked in the audit trail history For more information see Monitor Setup
Changes with Setup Audit Trail in the online help

A joined report cant be scheduled for future runs

Report charts are not included in emailed reports To email a chart of the report create a dashboard
and schedule a dashboard refresh See Schedule a Dashboard Refresh in Salesforce Classic in the
online help
Outlook limitation Report emails containing tables more than inches wide or with more than
columns might not display properly

The maximum size for emailed reports is MB To reduce the report size try the following

Filter for your own records rather than all records
Limit the scope of the data to a specific date range
Exclude unnecessary columns from your report
Hide the report details