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Salesforce Salesrep Cheatsheet

Salesforce Salesrep Cheatsheet


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The account is the starting
point and the key to tracking
your customers contacts
and deals

Getting Started with Accounts
Use accounts to group related information so its easy to access and manage

Create the Account
Youll want to create an account for every company you do business with including customers partners
and competitors
On the Accounts tab click New in the Recent Accounts section
Fill in the information for the account
For companies with many offices create one account for corporate headquarters and an additional
account for each office location
Fill in the Account Site field with the location of the office such as Headquarters London
or Paris
Link each location account to the main account using the Parent Account field
Click Save to save the account and view the account detail page
Note Required fields are marked in red

Then Link Contacts to the Account
Contact Tip
To create multiple contacts
for one account click Save
New instead of Save You
can then immediately create
a new contact for that

Create contacts for each individual associated with the account you just created The fastest way to do
this is to start on the account detail page
View the detail page for the account Try using search to quickly locate the account
Scroll down to the Contacts related list and click New Contact
Fill in the information for the contact
Click Save to save the contact and view the contact detail page
Every contact you create for an account is listed in the Contacts related list on the account detail page

Finally Create Your Opportunities
Opportunity Tip
Name each opportunity in
the form Company Product
for example Acme

Create an opportunity for each business deal you are working on Opportunities can be linked to accounts
and optionally to contacts
If you are working the deal with a specific person start by viewing that contact Otherwise view the
account associated with the deal Try using search to locate the contact or account
Scroll down to the Opportunities related list and click New Opportunity
Fill in the information for the opportunity

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Tips Hints for Sales Reps

Getting Started with Accounts

Click Save to save the opportunity and view the opportunity detail page
Note For opportunities linked to a contact notice that the Contact Name appears in the
Contact Roles related list on the opportunity detail page The opportunity also rolls up to the account
and displays in the Opportunities related list on the account detail page