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Salesforce Scheduler Implementation Guide For Financial Services

Salesforce Scheduler Implementation Guide For Financial Services


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Business Information Setup
Launch the Salesforce Scheduler Setup App
Set Up Service Territories in Salesforce Scheduler
Set Up Service Resources
Set Up Work Type Groups and Work Types in Salesforce Scheduler
Create Skills
Set Up Operating Hours in Salesforce Scheduler
Manage Shifts in Salesforce Scheduler
Set Up Holidays in Salesforce Scheduler
How Salesforce Scheduler Determines Available Time Slots
Change Labels in Flow Screens
Salesforce Scheduler Settings
Write Salesforce Scheduler Appointments to Salesforce Calendar
Show Appointments as Events on Salesforce or External Calendars
Share Service Appointments with Assigned Service Resources
Appointment Distribution
Determine Service Resource Availability by Work Type Groups
Enable and Configure Concurrent Scheduling
Enable and Configure MultiResource Scheduling
Salesforce Scheduler Implementation Guidelines
Appointment Booking Experience
Appointment Booking Experience Using Flows
Appointment Booking Experience Using APIs
Define Rules for Finding Appropriate Service Resources in Salesforce Scheduler
Add Service Resource Preferences to Accounts for Salesforce Scheduler
Check Calendars to Determine Availability of Service Resources
Flow Screen Components and Actions Provided in Salesforce Scheduler
Customize Standard Flow Templates
Add Components to Salesforce Scheduler Flow Screens
Skip the Service Territory Selection Screen
Customize Flow Screens
Enable Automatic Resource Assignment and Anonymous Scheduling
Manage Time Zones for Appointments
Add Validation Rules to Service Appointment Fields
Update Flows to Refresh Inputs
Debug a Salesforce Scheduler Flow as Another User
Manage Objects Data Translations
Appointment Booking Experience Channels
Manage Flow Access
Set Up Outbound Scheduling
Set Up Inbound Scheduling
Usage and Troubleshooting
Create and Manage Outbound Appointments in Salesforce Scheduler
Create and Manage Inbound Appointments in Salesforce Scheduler

Share Service Resource Availability by Using an Invitation URL

Checklist to Troubleshoot Flow Screens in Salesforce Scheduler

FieldLevel Security FLS Permissions Checklist

Extend Salesforce Scheduler Functionality with Salesforce Products and Features
Reference Flow Screen Component Customizations