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Salesforce Supportrep Cheatsheet

Salesforce Supportrep Cheatsheet


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Identify and Qualify the Customer

When Customers contact you with support issues via phone email or Web you must first identify and
qualify the customer

From the Cases tab search for the customers account

Depending on your
setup online cases are
automatically assigned
to a user or queue
Choose the My Open
Cases list view to see
your assigned cases
View your teams queue
list view to take cases
from the queue

Optionally if your organization uses the Console tab select Cases from the top left dropdown list in
the consoles list view then select a list view of cases For more information on the console see the
Salesforce online help
If necessary verify that the customer is eligible for support
Locate the correct contact on the account and display it Or click New in the Contacts related list to
create a new contact
For cases submitted via WebtoCase Salesforce automatically links the case to an existing contact
based on the persons email address If a contact does not yet exist create a new one and associate
it to the case

Capture the Case Detail
Capture and record the case details reported by the customer
From the contact click New Case in the Cases related list
Enter the information and click Save
For online cases the customer completes case details

Research and Resolve the Case
Working Cases

Use Case Comments to
record additional
information as you work
on the case
Use the Parent
Case field to associate
the case to similar cases
for easy tracking

Research the issue and resolve the case using your organizations solutions
In the Solutions related list of the case enter keywords related to possible solutions If your organization
uses categories select a category to search Click Find Solution Alternatively if the suggested solutions
feature is enabled click View Suggested Solutions to find solutions relevant to the case

A list of possible solutions is displayed Attach a relevant solution to the case by clicking Select next

to a reviewed solution or by selecting an unreviewed solution and clicking Select on the solution
detail page

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Tips Hints for Support Reps

Communicate with the Customer

Communicate with the Customer
Email Templates
Your administrator can
create or customize
templates to include case
and solution info

Email the customer with the solution to the issue
From the case click Send An Email in the Activity History related list
Click Select Template to choose a customer support email template
Complete the email and click Send to email the solution to the customer

Close the Case
Creating Solutions
If you cannot find a solution
enter solution details when
closing the case

The final step is to close the customers case
From the case record click Close Case
Change the case status and reason and enter any internal comments
Click Save