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Salesforce Technical Requirements

Salesforce Technical Requirements


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Review the system
requirements for using
Salesforce in a Web browser
or other Salesforce clients
such as Salesforce Classic
and Salesforce for Outlook

To Use Salesforce
The Salesforce online application can run on any computer with an Internet connection and supports the
following browsers


Google Chrome most recent stable version

Chrome applies updates automatically Salesforce
makes every effort to test and support the most
recent version There are no configuration
recommendations for Chrome

Mozilla Firefox most recent stable version

Salesforce makes every effort to test and support
the most recent version of Firefox

Microsoft Internet Explorer versions and If you use Internet Explorer we recommend using
the latest version that Salesforce supports Apply
all Microsoft software updates

Apple Safari versions x x and x on Mac OS


There are no configuration recommendations for

Note For all browsers enable JavaScript cookies and TLS If TLS isnt available enable TLS

Browsers that dont support TLS or TLS wont be able to access Salesforce after we

deactivate TLS Deactivation has already occurred in sandbox orgs and concludes with production

orgs on July
Some features in Salesforceand some desktop clients toolkits and adaptershave their own browser

To Use the Data Loader for Windows
Microsoft Windows Windows or Windows

MB of free disk space

MB of available memory

Java JRE bit

To Use the Data Loader for Mac

macOS El Capitan

MB of free disk space

MB of available memory

Last updated February

Salesforce System Requirements

To Use Connect Offline

Java JRE

Administrator privileges on the machine

To Use Connect Offline
Microsoft Internet Explorer or We dont support other browsers including Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari and Google Chrome

Microsoft Windows Windows XP Windows Vista or Windows

Note The bit version of Internet Explorer with its Compatibility View option is required
for the bit version of these operating systems

MB of RAM MB recommended

MB of disk space minimum MB recommended depending on the size of the briefcase

Intel Pentium II processor MHz or above

To Use Salesforce for Outlook
Basic Resource Required Version
Salesforce for

Salesforce for Outlook v or later after Salesforce Disables TLS encryption


Default email

Any of the following versions of Microsoft Outlook using Microsoft Exchange
Online part of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Exchange Server onpremises
along with the latest updates
and bit
and bit
and bit
Salesforce for Outlook supports Outlook installed using ClicktoRun a streaming
installer for Microsoft Office

Operating system Any of the following versions of Microsoft Windows along with the latest hot fixes
Windows Pro and Enterprise

For customers using Apple Mac OS consider setting up Outlook integration and

Lightning Sync

Microsoft Internet Explorer with TLS encryption protocol or later enabled

Salesforce System Requirements

To Use Connect for Office or Mail Merge

Other Requirements
Other Features Requirement

We support using these systems that connect to the Internet through a proxy server
Automatic proxy detection
Manual proxy

NTLM proxy authentication

We dont support using

IMAP and POP email servers

Terminal servers such as Citrix servers Consider setting up the Outlook
integration and Lightning Sync
Proxy Automatic Configuration files pac


If youre an administrator and plan to use the msi installer you may need to
install the following tools

Microsoft NET Framework or

Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office Runtime

Primary Interop Assemblies PIA Redistributable for your version of Microsoft

Windows msi users must run the command prompt as an administrator and
then launch the installer from the command line For example msiexec i

Single SignOn

We support using either
Delegated authentication

Security Assertion Markup Language SAML with My Domain

We dont support using a separate online identity provider for single signon

To Use Connect for Office or Mail Merge
Microsoft Excel to use the Excel addin The Word addin is not supported for Microsoft Word

Microsoft Windows Vista bit only Until Salesforce disables TLS

To Use Salesforce CRM Content and Process Visualizer

These graphical features require the Adobe Flash Player plugin In your browser enable or install Flash
version or later