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Salesforce TEuser Cheatsheet

Salesforce TEuser Cheatsheet


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Creating Accounts Contacts

With Group Edition you and
your team can easily
manage your customer
relationships from the start
of the sales cycle to closing
the deal to providing
customer support All
information is shared so your
team can work together
effectively This tip sheet
outlines the basics of using
Group Edition

Because all of your Salesforce data is related its easy to manage The account is the key to accessing all
of your related data because all contacts opportunities activities and cases roll up to the associated
The first step is to create your accounts and contacts Create an account for every company you do business
withincluding customers partners and competitors Then you can create a contact for every person
at those accounts
Select Account from the Create New dropdown list in the sidebar
Fill in the information for the account and click Save to view the account
Now scroll down to the Contacts related list on the account and click New
Fill in the information to create a new contact and click Save
Tip When creating or editing any records required fields are marked in red You wont be able to
save your data if you forget to fill in the required fields

Managing Your Leads
You may want to create leads so that you can track potential customers and opportunities When you
create a new lead manually you are automatically assigned as the lead owner When you convert a lead
Salesforce creates a new account contact and opportunity
To manually create a new lead click the Leads tab and then click New Alternatively select Lead from
the Create New dropdown list in the sidebar
Fill in the appropriate information and click Save
Note Your administrator can set up WebtoLead so you can gather information from your website
and automatically generate up to leads per day Also your administrator can import up to
leads at a time

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Using Salesforce Group Edition

Managing Your Sales Opportunities

Managing Your Sales Opportunities
Analyzing Your Data

Salesforce provides a
number of standard
reports and dashboards

If you have the Create
and Customize Reports
permission you can also
create custom reports to
analyze your data

Click the Dashboards tab
to view a dashboard
which gives you a
realtime snapshot of
your companys metrics
See Using the
DragandDrop Report
Builder and Tips for
Creating Dashboards for
more info

Youll also want to create an opportunity to track each of your business deals
If you are working the deal with a specific person start by viewing that contact Otherwise view the
account associated with the deal
Tip Try using search to locate the contact or account
Scroll down to the Opportunities related list and click New
Fill in the information for the new opportunity and click Save
For opportunities linked to a contact notice that the contact name displays in the Contact Roles related
list on the opportunity detail page

Logging Support Issues
Cases help you track the support issues your customers have You can create cases based on support calls
or email received from customers
View the contact detail page of the customer reporting the problem
Scroll down to the Cases related list and click New
Enter the case details as reported by the customer and click Save

Getting More
Click Help Training in the
upper right of the page to
access more information
including training tutorials
tip sheets and online help

Cases normally start with a Status of New Youll want to mark cases as Closed as you solve them
Use Close Case button on a case to do this

Tracking Your Activities
As you work with your accounts contacts opportunities cases and leads you can easily track your activities
In Salesforce activities are tasks and scheduled calendar events

Using List Views

Start by viewing the record you want to associate with your activity For example you may want to
schedule a task to call one of your contacts

Click New Task or New Event in the Open Activities related list

List views are an easy
way to quickly list a
specific set of records
For example you can
create a list view of all of
your accounts in Texas
that have a Type of

Fill in the information for the activity and click Save
To create a task from the home page click New in the Tasks area For a new event click New Event in
the Calendar area or simply click a calendar date
The Activity History related list of a record includes other optionsyou can log a phone call send an
email or create a mail merge document

See Tips Hints for
Custom Views for more