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Salesforce Views Cheatsheet

Salesforce Views Cheatsheet


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Creating a List View

List views give you instant
access to specific sets of
data In addition to using the
existing views you can easily
create custom views for the
items most relevant to you

To create a custom view choose the Create New View link from any tab home page or list page For
activity list views go to the home tab and click the list view icon below the calendar then choose the
Create New View link
Enter a View Name This name will then appear on the dropdown list
Specify the filter criteria such as records owned by you or all records
Optionally limit the data using search criteria For example Probability greater than eliminates
items with probability less than or equal to

Common Views

Choose a field by which you want to limit the results

Contacts sorted by

Choose an operator from the second dropdown list

Leads sorted by Source

Accounts sorted by State

Choose the custom or standard fields you want to show in your view

Accounts sorted by
Product Type

Administrators and users with the Manage Public List Views permission can set the visibility to make
the view available to specific groups or roles

Taskscriteria Closed
equals True

Last Updated
AccountsLast Update
greater than last week

In the last field enter a search term

Click Save

Each search criteria relates to the others with an AND operator If you specify multiple criteria the

resulting view includes items that match all criteria

To use an OR filter enter up to items separated by commas in the third field such as State contains

CA NY Use quotation marks for data that includes commas For example searches

for or
You cannot create list views within the Console tab but you can view the list views defined on the
tabs of other objects
Tip Once you have created your view click any column heading to sort by the data in that particular
column Click the heading again to reverse sort

Last updated March

Tips Hints for Custom Views

Special Values for Limiting Your View

Special Values for Limiting Your View
Limiting by Date

When entering search criteria for list views or reports use one of the following picklist values as the field
choose the equals operator and enter the value True or False

For example Converted equals True finds converted leads

You can enter relative
date values to base the
view on dates such as
Create Date equals last
Valid date values are
today tomorrow
yesterday this week
next week last week
last days next
days this month next
month and last month

Excluding Blank

You can exclude any
records that contain
blank values for a
particular field
Choose the field and the
does not equal
operator leave the value

Allday True for all day events false for events with a specific time
Closed True for closed tasks false for tasks still open
Task True for tasks false for events
Active True for active false for inactive
Closed True for closed cases false for open cases
Escalated True for escalated cases false for cases that are not escalated
New SelfService Comment True for case has a new comment added by a SelfService user false
for no new comments
SelfService Commented True for case has comments added by SelfService users false for no
Email Opt Out True for cannot receive mass email false for can receive
Email Opt Out True for cannot receive mass email false for can receive
Unread True for unread leads false for viewed or edited leads

Online Help

See the online help for
more special picklists
you can use in your list

Closed True for closed opportunities false for open opportunities
Private True for private opportunities false for those not marked private
Won True for won opportunities false for those closedlost or open
Reviewed True for reviewed solutions false for those not reviewed