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Salesforce1 Admin Guide

Salesforce1 Admin Guide


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Chapter Introduction
Introducing the Salesforce Apps
Getting Around in the Salesforce App
What about the Other Mobile Apps
Chapter Get Your Organization Ready for Mobile The Big Picture
Chapter Configure Your Organization for the Salesforce App
Chapter Customize How Your Data Appears in the Salesforce App
How Page Layouts Work in the Salesforce Mobile App
Rethink Your Page Layouts for Mobile
Tips for Optimizing Page Layouts for Mobile
Working with Compact Layouts
Compact Layouts
Chapter Using Actions in the Salesforce App
Working with Quick Actions
ObjectSpecific versus Global Actions
More Action Types
Action Layouts
Using Predefined Values in Actions
Custom Actions
Actions and Page Layouts
Action Guidelines and Best Practices
Chapter Visualforce Pages and the Salesforce App
Get Your Visualforce Pages into the Salesforce App
Visualforce Page Support in the Salesforce App
Chapter Work Offline with the Salesforce App
Access Data in the Salesforce App While Offline
Create Edit and Delete Records in the Salesforce App While Online or Offline Beta

Data and UI Elements That Are Available When the Salesforce App is Offline

Enable Offline Access and Edit for the Salesforce App
Chapter Make the Salesforce App Yours with Custom Branding
How Salesforce App Branding Works
Tips for Branding Your Salesforce App
Chapter Learning More
Chapter Appendices
How Actions Are Ordered in the Salesforce Mobile App Action Bar
Item Actions
Actions with and without Chatter
Salesforce App Features Whats Available in Each Version
Salesforce Editions and Licenses