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Workbook Analytics

Workbook Analytics


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About the Reporting Workbook
Tutorial Getting Started with a Simple Dashboard and Report
Tutorial Creating Combination Charts and Custom Table Components
Step Create the Sales Manager Leader Board Report
Step Add a Combination Chart on the Report
Step Create the Top Five Salespeople Custom Table Component
Step Add the Combination Chart to the Dashboard
Step Create a Neglected Accounts Report With Cross Filters
Tutorial Creating a Matrix Report with Custom Summary Formulas
Step Create the Revenue Trend by Type Matrix Report

Step Create a Formula Using the PARENTGROUPVAL Summary Function

Step Create a Formula Using the PREVGROUPVAL Summary Function

Step Add a Cumulative Line Chart Component to the Dashboard
Step Add a Bucket Field and Show It as a Pie Chart
Tutorial Creating a Joined Report with Custom Summary Formulas
Tutorial Creating a Pipeline Push Report
Step Create a Simple Historical Report
Step Find Deals that Have Been Pushed Out
Tutorial Sharing and Collaboration
Step Create a Shared Dashboard Folder
Step Embed a Chart in a Record
Step Turn on Feed Tracking for Reports and Dashboards
Step Follow Your Favorite Dashboards and Get Alerts on Components

Step Run a Report Synchronously
Step Run a Report Asynchronously
Step Filter Report Data
Step Find Show and Refresh Dashboards
Final Summary