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Put Employees First with Workcom
Enhance Employee Operations with Employee Service
Standard Objects in Workcom Data Model
The EmployeeUser Relationship in Workcom
EmployeeUser Sync for Orgs Without Existing Employee Data
EmployeeUser Sync for Orgs with Existing Employee Data
Cascade Employee Updates to Users
Provision Users for Large Amounts of Employee Data
Employee User Sync Considerations
Employee Workspace
Set Up Employee Workspace
Work From Anywhere With Employee Workspace
Employee Concierge
Prepare for and Install Employee Concierge
Review and Assign Employee Concierge Permissions
Assign Record Types and Enable Knowledge Access for Employee Concierge
Configure Employee Concierge Ticket Assignment
Set Up the Agent Desk App
Manage Person Accounts and Employee Records
Create Ticket Categories Optional
Set Up EmailtoCase for Employee Concierge
Set Up Your Employee Service Site
Prepare Your Team and Customize Concierge
Employee Concierge Bot
Get Started with Employee Concierge Bot
Install the Employee Concierge Bot Unmanaged Package
Deploy Chat Functions
Set Up OmniChannel Routing
Add the Concierge Bot Chat Skill
Add a Concierge Bot Chat Button
Create an Embedded Service Deployment
Customize the PreChat Form
Create a Concierge Bot Integration User
Add Branding to Employee Concierge Bot
Deploy Employee Concierge Bot to the Chat Channel
Select a Security Level for Your Community
Add Concierge Bot to Your Community Template

IT Service Center

HR Service Center

Prepare for and Install HR Service Center

Review and Assign Employee Permissions

Protect Access to Sensitive HR Data

Protect Employee Tasks with a Custom Restriction Rule and Permission

Assign Record Types for HR Service Center

Configure HR Service Center Ticket Assignments

Configure Your Org to Use the Health Verification Flow

Set Up the HR Service Center App

Employee Transitions
Get Started with Employee Service Catalog
Install Employee Service Catalog
Service Catalog Permissions
Create Your Service Catalog
Create a Catalog Category
Edit a Catalog Category
Delete a Catalog Category
Create a Catalog Item
Edit a Catalog Item
Clone a Catalog Item
Delete a Catalog Item
Mark a Catalog Item as Featured
Fulfillment Flows for Catalog Items
Create a Custom Fulfillment Flow
Edit a Custom Fulfillment Flow
Clone a Custom Fulfillment Flow
Delete a Custom Fulfillment Flow
Test a Fulfillment Flow
Retrieve Catalog Item Metadata
Published and Deprecated Catalog Items
Catalog Requests
Sample Service Catalog Items Package
Employee Visibility Solutions
Employee Field Visibility
Employee Case Feed Visibility Solutions
Promote Wellness and Productivity with Workcom
Workplace Command Center and Wellness Check
Set Up Workplace Command Center
Gather Data with Wellness Check
All Systems Go Use Workplace Command Center
Shift Management
Invite Employees Back to Work
Get to Know Shift Management Personas
Shift Management Considerations
How Does Shift Scheduling Work
Set Up Shift Management
Manage Workplaces Shifts and Schedules
Use the Shift Management Mobile App
Workplace Strategy Planner
Overview of Workplace Strategy Planner
Components in Workplace Strategy Planner
Workplace Strategy Planner Considerations
Install Strategy Planner

Create the COVID Risk App and Dashboards

Organize Your Data and Team
Evaluate Opening and Closing Thresholds for Workplace Locations
Enablement Site myTrailhead for Learning and Wellness
Contact Tracing for Employees
Digital Trust Cards
Install and Configure the Digital Trust Cards Feature
Create and Publish a Digital Trust Card on Your Website
Control Customer Flow with Queue Management
Install and Configure Queue Management
Set Up Locations and Sublocations
Enable Digital Experiences for Queue Management
Create a Visitor SignUp Form
Get Started with Queue Management
Broadcast Messaging in Workcom