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B2b Commerce Guardrails Cheatsheet

B2b Commerce Guardrails Cheatsheet


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Understanding the
complexity and

dependencies of the BB

Commerce for Visualforce
data structure can help you
successfully scale your
storefront solution

What Are the Guardrail Values for BB Commerce for


The following values are provided to help guide conversations as you consider your BB Commerce for

Visualforce implementation and to help you avoid potential complications
These values arent strict bounds or hard technical limitations
Each guardrails value represents a distinct consideration that doesnt evaluate other guardrail values
In practice the scale of each consideration is affected by the scale of all other considerations For
example if you have products but also have total price list items per product you exceed
the guardrail value of price list items
If your solution requires higher thresholds for these values contact your account executive who can
advise you on options for scaling performance for your data footprint

Guardrail Value


Unique buyer account group segments

Customerspecific price lists

Price list items

Entitled price list items per product per account

Total price list items all currencies per product


Product categories

Products per category

Carts and orders

Line items per cart

Specs per product

Locales per org

Currencies per org

Page views per minute across all clients and pages

Total static resources per org

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BB Commerce for Visualforce Guardrails for Data Scaling

What Are the Guardrail Values for BB Commerce for


Important Minimize the following operations which can affect storefront performance and scale
Integrating data from external sources in real time on hightraffic pages such as the Product
List page
Frequent admin activity on large data sets which can lock database rows