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B2b B2c Comm Dev

B2b B2c Comm Dev


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Chapter BB Commerce and DC Commerce Developer Guide

BB and DC Commerce Data Model

Cart Data Model
Product and Catalog Data Model
Product and Category Media Data Model
Product Attributes Data Model
Implementation Lifecycle Personas

Integration Architecture for BB and DC Stores LWR

Integration Architecture for BB Stores Aura

Checkout Integration
Shipping and Tax Integration
Payment Integration
Set Up Payment Processing
Handle Currency Changes for Active Carts

Commerce SFDX Environment Setup

Install the SFDX CLI

Install the Visual Studio Code Editor

Get Salesforce Extensions for VS Code Editor

Build Custom Components
Lightning Web Components
Storefront APIs
Custom Payment Components
Create a Custom Payment Component
Create Commerce Einstein Recommendations Components

Create a Custom Checkout Component for a BB or BC Store LWR

Custom Rules for Product Readiness

BB Commerce Checkout Flow Aura

BB Checkout Flows

BB Checkout Flow Tasks

Create a BB Commerce Org and Checkout Flow

Configure a BB Checkout Flow

Configure BB Checkout Flows to Create Managed Order Summaries

Import and Export Lightning BB Commerce Order Summaries

BB Legacy Checkout Reference